Tilcon Software Rolls Out IDS 5.5.5 for Embedded GUI, HMI Development

Tilcon Software Ltd., the global leader in embedded graphical user interface solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.5.5 of Interface Development Suite (IDS) for embedded GUI and HMI development. Building on existing features such as Rhapsody® UML integration, Interface Development Suite Version 5.5.5 introduces two exciting new features – Adobe® Photoshop® integration and Codeless Animation. These features are now available to customers who have requirements for creating world class embedded GUI and HMI solutions in such diverse markets as medical, industrial, defense, and automotive, while reducing overall project risks and accelerating time to market.

Responding to customer requests, Tilcon has introduced Adobe® Photoshop® integration with Interface Development Suite Version 5.5.5 as a standard feature. This feature allows design and development teams to communicate and share ideas much more effectively, while saving time by avoiding costly redesign delays. Now, Tilcon’s customers can take advantage of a powerful development approach that fully unifies graphic designers with software engineering teams to collaborate in an open, seamless process, using a common environment for next generation embedded GUI and HMI design.

“We’ve introduced our Photoshop® integration feature as a way for designers to easily create their UI designs in tools they are familiar and comfortable with. This allows them to import, export, and merge new designs into a functional interface builder, which then enables them to fully prototype and implement a production GUI without any coding,” says Prosanto Sarkar, CEO of Tilcon Software. “This is exciting because UI designers are no longer constrained by their choice of tools for creating their unique look and feel. Additionally, this feature streamlines the process of building an appealing, engaging interface which is both highly functional and easy to use.”

In addition, customers can now use Tilcon’s exclusive Codeless Animation feature to add high fidelity animation effects to GUI elements such as buttons, switches, graphs, and many more objects. For the first time, embedded developers can now fully prototype the end-user experience right up to and including the finalized user interface, far in advance having a finished product in hand. This innovative approach to embedded software development helps Tilcon’s customers reduce their overall risk associated with the new product introductions, and also saves them the costly man-hours of engineering effort by enabling a “right first time” approach.

“Now, our customers can leverage a truly innovative way of defining their next generation designs well in advance of having a finished product available,” adds Mr. Sarkar. “By allowing a complete prototype of the user interface to be built and simulated in a pre-production environment, Tilcon’s Interface Development Suite gives device manufacturers unparalleled flexibility and control over creating high quality experiences for end-users.”

Interface Development Suite 5.5.5 is available now for Windows and Linux host platforms and offers broad target support for embedded devices. Interface Development Suite Version 5.5.5 is available directly from Tilcon Software or from Tilcon’s authorized distributors around the world. For further information on pricing, support, and upgrades please contact Tilcon today.

Tilcon Software Limited is the leading provider of graphical user interface software tools for embedded devices. Tilcon’s rich feature set, support for multiple platforms and extensive experience with graphics development for real-time and embedded projects has resulted in an effective toolkit used worldwide in demanding applications such as medical devices, driver information systems, consumer electronics, defense systems and a wide range of industrial machinery. Tilcon was founded in 1987 and its customers include GE Transportation, Renasas, Bosch, Stryker, Gambro Renal Products, Hyundai Autonet, Siemens, Thales, BAE, Ericsson NetQual Inc., Physiometrix and other leading manufacturers.