Freescale Debuts MC34671, MC34673, MC34674 Li-Ion Battery Charger ICs

While lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries offer many advantages for portable consumer electronics, they require extremely accurate charging current and output voltages to optimize battery life and performance. To address this need, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a family of Li-Ion battery charger ICs designed to provide the industry’s highest performance and accuracy, as well as exceptional configuration flexibility.

Freescale’s MC34671, MC34673 and MC34674 single-input autonomous battery charger ICs offer output voltage accuracy of +/-0.4 percent over temperature and charging current accuracy of +/-5 percent over temperature. The ICs can be customized to create hundreds of configurations to address a wide range of portable and ultra-mobile device needs. A designer can select features and specifications, such as pin-out, feature set, charging parameters and LED indication, and Freescale can deliver customized charger ICs by programming them at the end of the manufacturing process.

The programming flexibility of the Li-Ion battery charger devices enables Freescale to create highly tailored charger ICs for specific application requirements. Target applications for Freescale’s battery charger IC family include cell phones, personal media players, navigation systems, digital still cameras, as well as travel chargers for these devices.

Built using Freescale’s advanced SMARTMOS(tm) process technology, the battery charger ICs are designed to deliver up to 1.2A of charge current to single cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries. The battery charger input voltage can come from an AC adapter or a USB port power source. The high input voltage capability (up to 28V) is designed to eliminate the need for an external input over-voltage protection circuit required in handheld devices, which helps reduce system cost and board space.

“The first devices in a planned series, these next-generation lithium-ion battery charger ICs enable manufacturers to easily customize their battery charging solutions based on their unique application specifications,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Analog, Mixed Signal & Power Division. “The customization takes place at the final phase in our factory, which minimizes the time and expense a manufacturer typically associates with ordering a custom device.”

To provide developers with smaller, lighter charger IC products for space-constrained portable designs, each battery charger IC comes in a low-profile 2x3x0.65 mm ultra-thin dual flat no-lead (UDFN) thermally enhanced package.

“These battery charger ICs reflect Freescale’s emergence in the standard analog segment, delivering standard power analog solutions that target digital consumer applications,” said Susie Inouye, research director for Databeans. “Freescale has been a major player in the application-specific standard product analog market for more than 25 years. The company’s SMARTMOS technology is an enabler for highly integrated, high-performance analog and power management products.”

Factory-programmable parameters for increased device flexibility

  • Output voltage
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • CC current
  • Trickle charge current
  • Trickle charge voltage threshold
  • EOC current
  • Recharge threshold
  • Thermal fold back threshold
  • Timeout
  • Verification filter timing

Factory-reconfigurable features

  • Programmable indicator-pin functions
  • ISET pin (current set)
  • Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) interface option
  • Battery connection verification
  • End of charge (EOC) flow
  • Remote sense

Pricing and availability
Samples of the battery charger ICs are available now with customer-selected specifications. Contact a Freescale sales representative for samples and to discuss device requirements. The suggested resale price in 10,000-piece quantities starts at 52 cents (USD).

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