EDN Names OneSpin 360 EC-FPGA as Award Finalist

OneSpin Solutions, an EDA company that provides leading-edge formal verification solutions, announced that its 360 EC-FPGA equivalence checking solution has been selected from hundreds of nominations as a finalist in EDN’s 18th annual Innovation Awards competition. The awards recognize people, products, and technologies that have shaped the semiconductor industry. According to EDN, “Nominees must have demonstrated innovation that resulted in a significant advance in technology and/or product development during the past 12 months.”

Chosen for the “EDA: PCB, FPGA, and custom-IC tools” category, OneSpin’s 360 EC-FPGA sequential equivalence checker is targeted and priced specifically for the FPGA market. It efficiently detects errors introduced by sophisticated FPGA synthesis optimizations, introduced during place&route, and/or introduced during manual optimizations – errors that compromise FPGA design functionality. And it does so orders of magnitude faster than gate-level simulation. It is the only equivalence checker to support advanced sequential optimizations performed by FPGA synthesis tools such as pipelining, retiming, register duplication/merging, stuck-at (constant) registers, and others.

This means designers can verify their designs “as is,” without disabling advanced synthesis optimizations vital for achieving performance, power and device utilization goals. Moreover, 360 EC-FPGA does not need information from synthesis side files – information known to be error-prone but nevertheless required by other equivalence checking tools, resulting in false verification results and/or additional manual effort.

Peter Feist, president and CEO of OneSpin, said, “Companies are rapidly adopting our 360 EC-FPGA solution, confirming the market demand for an FPGA equivalence checking solution that does not compromise their ability to leverage advanced optimizations in FPGA designs. After receiving the DesignVision Award in 2007, we view this recent EDN honor as another strong endorsement of OneSpin as a significant innovator of verification technology and of our commitment to deliver highly competitive solutions that address our customers’ urgent verification needs.”

EDN readers can help select ultimate Innovation Award winners by voting online at www.EDN.com/innovation18

About OneSpin Solutions
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company OneSpin Solutions provides award-winning, innovative formal verification solutions that ease and speed verification, and deliver the highest achievable functional quality for ASICs and FPGAs. Market-leading telecommunications, automotive, computer, and embedded system companies rely on OneSpin’s verification technology. For further information please email info@onespin-solutions.com. OneSpin Solutions and the OneSpin logo are trademarks of OneSpin Solutions GmbH.