SENA Launches Parani-ESD1000 Bluetooth Class 1 OEM Module

Sena Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of industrial Bluetooth and networking solutions, announced the release of its latest Bluetooth OEM module Parani-ESD1000. The Parani-ESD1000 is a Class 1 embedded Bluetooth module designed for OEM manufacturers to embed Bluetooth functionality into their products at design level in the shortest period of time and cost effectively.

The Parani-ESD1000 supports 100 meters of wireless transmit distance and the transmit distance can be extended up to 1000 meters using optional antennas. It supports Bluetooth v2.0+EDR specification, and various external interfaces such as UART, USB, PCM and I2C. It also supports multiple Bluetooth connections up to three sessions.

The Parani-ESD1000 and its starter kit is now shipping and available.

About Sena Technologies, Inc.
Sena Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial Bluetooth and networking solutions especially for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication since 1998. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, resellers and OEM partners.