Effnet, RMI Team on Solution for ROHC on XLR, XLS Processors

Effnet AB, the leading provider of header compression solutions, and RMI Corporation (RMI), a leading supplier of processor based solutions for networking, communications and consumer applications, announced that they have collaborated to bring out a joint solution of Effnet ROHC(TM) on RMI’s XLR and XLS Processors. Effnet has ported its Effnet ROHC(TM) software solution to RMI’s XLR and XLS Processors and optimized the performance on this multi-core, multi-threaded architecture. Exceptional performance is achieved via the use of RMI’s XLR and XLS hardware threading, which acts as individual accelerators or virtual CPUs. OEMs who design the XLR and XLS processors into various telecom system solutions can thereby offer customers a compelling solution by licensing Header Compression software from Effnet.

Effnet ROHC(TM) is the leading software solution for header compression based on the IETF standard RFC3095 and supports multiple other standards from 3GPP, 3GPP2, WiMAX etc. Effnet ROHC(TM) is aimed at helping customers to improve capacity and reduce costs of their networks. Effnet ROHC(TM) is a highly portable solution with a well-defined programming interface which facilitates easy and speedy integration for customers. The intelligent pattern detection algorithms provide maximum compression efficiency coupled with high robustness. Effnet ROHC(TM) is an ideal solution for wireless networks including satellite networks having links with high delay.

RMI’s XLR and XLS Processors provide industry-standard interfaces and an extensive set of connectivity options. The XLR and XLS Processors combine the power of innovative multiprocessing, multi-threaded architecture with the simplicity of an enhanced leading edge, general purpose MIPS64(tm) machine enabling wire speed, software-driven applications across multiple platforms. RMI’s XLR and XLS Processor families are cost effective, single-chip solutions providing a key building block for applications such as telecommunications, integrated network security, web services, virtualized storage, server offload and intelligent routing and switching systems.

“By teaming with Effnet, we will be able to offer our customers a leading header compression solution for 3rd generation wireless networks including WiMAX and 3GPP LTE. The XLR and XLS processors provide multi-core and multi-threaded platforms with many hardware acceleration features to maximize the performance of Effnet ROHC(TM). It was a quick and easy process to port Effnet ROHC(TM) to our XLR and XLS platforms with excellent support services provided by Effnet,” says Mark Litvack, Director Business Development, RMI.

“We are impressed with the RMI XLR and XLS Processor lines, particularly the ease of scaling the design for the multi-core and multi-threaded platform. The optimized performance of the joint solution will meet the requirements of next generation wireless networks. RMI’s high performance and power efficient solutions are great compliments to Effnet’s highly efficient, robust and value adding solution,” says Joakim Enerstam, Deputy Managing Director, Effnet AB.

About Effnet AB and Effnet Holding AB (publ)
Effnet AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Effnet Holding AB (publ), is a world leader in the area of IP Header Compression. Effnet develops and sells embedded software that increases the efficiency, speed and quality of IP traffic in fixed, mobile and satellite networks.

About RMI Corporation
RMI Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company providing highly integrated, feature-rich products ranging from power-optimized System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions to High-Performance Processors for the Digital Consumer, Wireless, Networking and Security markets. RMI offers the most advanced and the most complete MIPS-Based® processing solutions with both 32/64-bit architectures supporting frequencies from 300MHz to 1.2 GHz. RMI is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with branch and subsidiary operations in Texas, United Kingdom, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

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