EMX Industries Publishes White Paper on Photoelectric Sensors

EMX Industries Inc., a manufacturer of sensors for industrial automation, announced the release of a new white paper, PhotoElectrics: The Key to Successful Automation Control. Based on the premise that photoelectronic sensors are critical to successful and reliable automation systems, the paper covers all the information necessary to select the right sensor for a particular application.

PhotoElectrics: The Key to Successful Automation ControlThe paper begins with a brief overview of optical sensor basics and then offers essential considerations in sensor commissioning. Readers also learn the best uses and characteristics of the major optical sensors designed for automation, including: contrast sensors, color sensors, color mark sensors, and luminescence sensors.

The paper’s final section discusses photoelectric-sensor selection considerations, providing key questions that potential users need to ask in order to select the ideal device for their applications. The questions focus on variables that may affect a sensor’s operation – such as whether the object to be measured is glossy or matte, its size, the speed at which it is moving when measured, and the distance and mounting conditions under which it is measured.

About EMX Industries
EMX Industries, Inc. manufacturing and engineering is located in Cleveland, Ohio, where the company relies on the local infrastructure and talent to design and manufacture unique sensors that solve problems in difficult applications. The EMX principle, Engineered to Manage your X factor(TM), guides all company actions and is part of every product it makes.