QualiPHY Automated Compliance Test Tools Support SATA, UWB, PCIe

LeCroy Corporation enhances its QualiPHY automated serial data compliance test framework to now include QPHY-UWB, QPHY-SATA and QPHY-PCIe. These new standards are added to the previously released QPHY-ENET and QPHY-USB packages to create a whole family of serial data standards operating within the same compliance framework. QualiPHY provides digital/analog hardware engineers and technicians with a superior, highly-automated compliance test tool for developing and validating the electrical (PHY) layer of a device, in accordance with the official documents published by the applicable standards organizations and Special Interest Groups.

QualiPHY guides users, step-by-step, through each compliance test, making testing extremely easy. It uses connection diagrams to ensure the signals are properly connected. Once the user has followed QualiPHY’s setup instructions, it automates the oscilloscope to make the proper measurements. When the testing is complete, QualiPHY generates a fully compliance report in HTML, PDF or XML output format.

LeCroy’s new QualiPHY UWB package supports all transmitter compliance measurements for WiMedia and Certified Wireless USB. LeCroy’s SDA 6000 Serial Data Analyzer, in conjunction with the new QualiPHY UWB package, is the perfect solution for measuring UWB signals in band group 1, while the SDA 11000 Serial Data Analyzer has the necessary bandwidth to measure UWB signals in all 6 band groups. LeCroy UWB analysis software performs modulation analysis, including Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) and Dual Carrier Modulation (DCM); constellation display; I & Q vs. time display; and magnitude phase vs. tone display (symbol by symbol). QualiPHY UWB has the ability to automate measurements, such as frequency error, preamble cross correlation, power deviation relative to preamble sync of CE (header and payload), Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), and Adjacent Channel Power Ration (ACPR).

The new QualiPHY SATA software has been developed to address the increased transfer rates of high-speed disk drives and optical drives. It has the ability to test Gen1 (1.5 Gb/s) and Gen2 (3.0 Gb/s) hosts and devices. The long memory of LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes makes them the perfect tool for analyzing low-speed phenomena, such as spread spectrum clocking. LeCroy’s SDA 11000 meets the SATA-IO bandwidth requirement for Gen2 testing and, in conjunction with the QualiPHY SATA software, it supports for Gen2 tests as specified by the SATA-IO in the Unified Test Document.

To complete its PCI-Express offering, LeCroy also announces the release of QualiPHY PCIe software solution. Capable of testing both Add-In Card and System boards at 2.5GT/s, QualiPHY PCIe makes compliance testing simple. LeCroy’s SDA 6020 has all of the tools a PCI-Express designer needs to design, debug and validate a device. QualiPHY PCIe is fully compliant with the Card Electro-mechanical Specification (CEM) Rev 1.1 and the PCI Express Base Specification Rev 1.1.


Product Test Standard Price Recommended Oscilloscope
QPHY-UWB Ultra-Wideband $6095 SDA 11000 / SDA 13000
QPHY-SATA Serial ATA $6095 SDA 11000 / SDA 13000
QPHY-PCIe PCI-Express $6095 SDA 6020

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