GE Fanuc Unveils AXISLite Multiprocessor Software Development Tool

Further enhancing the company’s position as a leading supplier of advanced multiprocessor solutions for mission-critical applications, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of AXISLite for free download. AXISLite is a reduced functionality version of AXISView, the Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, and is intended to allow prospective customers to thoroughly evaluate the capabilities of AXIS prior to purchasing the full AXIS suite.

“We believe AXIS is far ahead of anything available on the market today, and it has already enjoyed significant success because of its power, its ease of use – which enhances developer productivity – its flexibility and its high degree of portability,” said David Tetley, Software Engineering Manager at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Advanced Engineering Design Center. “Now, we’re making it even easier for prospective customers to evaluate what AXIS can do for them in their environment in a way that no demonstration can – and it’s free.”

AXIS responds to both the growing complexity and sophistication of leading edge multiprocessor and digital signal processing applications and the significant investment major companies are making in software development. It allows developers to be more productive by freeing them from the need to understand the complexities of rapidly evolving hardware architectures. Based on industry standards, it is independent of both hardware and the real time operating system. By making developers more productive, AXIS not only reduces software development cost, but can also substantially improve ‘time to market.’

The AXIS software offers high throughput, low latency, reconfigurable communications (AXISFlow) and features optimized signal processing libraries (AXISLib) to deliver the maximum performance for the application. It is scalable, offering seamless migration from development to production deployment: engineers can reconfigure or scale the system depending on the application demands, adding or subtracting processing elements as needed, and enables straightforward integration between the single board computer, signal processing and sensor I/O.

AXISLite is a reduced functionality and free evaluation version of AXISView, a key component of the AXIS suite, and the installation executable is downloadable from the GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms website as a password protected .zip file.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms AXISLite Multiprocessor Software Development Tool

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