Inphi DDR3 Clock Reference Board Clocks in at 800 MHz

Inphi® Corporation announced its ground-breaking DDR3 Clock Reference Board (CRB), which performs beyond JEDEC DDR3-1600 specifications, achieving clock speeds of 800 MHz. Designed specifically for high performance RDIMM testing, the DDR3 CRB enables major memory module and system designers to validate DDR3 RDIMMs and simulate system-level functionality effectively and efficiently, providing a comprehensive validation tool for DDR3 Register/PLLs. The DDR3 CRB is part of Inphi’s market-leading ExacTik(tm) product family.

A comprehensive GUI-based test executive provides a user-friendly interface to develop custom validation routines. Only Inphi’s DDR3 CRB’s flexible design enables users to effortlessly customize device test conditions to meet their specific needs. A fully programmable pattern buffer delivers more accurate test results by allowing customers to create test conditions specific to their applications rather than relying on limiting pre-programmed patterns.

“Micron is pleased to have worked with Inphi on development of their DDR3 clock reference board and are impressed with the performance advantages it has achieved,” said Brett Williams, senior marketing manager for computing at Micron Technology, Inc. “We are encouraged with Inphi’s commitment to the DDR3 register market, providing a quality platform that allows us to effectively validate our DDR3 parts.”

The Inphi DDR3 CRB allows design teams to adjust timing for control or address lines in 10 ps steps, allowing them to precisely resolve limits on their designs and providing more reliable test results. In addition, the DDR3 CRB uses the open source Python GUI, an easy-to-use interface that permits users to effortlessly create unique customizations. An available external clock reference and input drive signal control further distinguish the Inphi solution.

The DDR3 CRB delivers the industry’s best signal integrity as input signals are buffered to provide clean reference signals, margin and voltage timing. Additionally, customers can perform a more complete test that discovers bugs earlier in the design cycle simply by adjusting the Vdd and/or Vref power.

Price and Availability
The DDR3 CRB is available immediately and is expected to sell for $5000.00.

About Inphi Corporation
Inphi Corporation designs and develops integrated circuits that consistently deliver the industry’s highest performance and best signal integrity for processing high-speed digital data in computing and communications systems. The company is a leading supplier of memory interface logic, optical components and high-speed logic. Leading corporations rely on Inphi for components that transport, store, deliver, and test high-speed data for the world’s most innovative communications and computing systems. Inphi is recognized as a global technology leader for its excellence in design, dedication to the development of open standards, and commitment to R&D.