ZMD Announces ZMD21013 MUlti-Sensor Interface Circuit

ZMD AG and ZMD America announced the high-precision, low-power, low-voltage multi-channel ZMD21013 sensor signal interface circuit. The device is the first member of ZMD’s new MUlti-Sensor Interface Circuit (MUSic) semiconductor family focusing on multiple sensor-controlled, battery-powered, microcontroller-based mobile electronic products.

Suited for a variety of markets and applications, the ZMD21013 is an essential enabler for a myriad of consumer, medical and industrial products requiring multiple sensors. Sample devices benefiting from the MUSic family include wearable monitors for assessing blood pressure, glucose, heart rate levels; consumer devices utilizing altimeters, barometers and navigation functions; and industrial instruments like scales and flow and pressure monitors. Other ideal applications include products where highest precision and lowest power consumption are essential qualities.

The ZMD21013 incorporates a sophisticated analog front-end, including a programmable gain amplifier, a 16-bit Delta-Sigma-ADC and a power-saving analog sampling architecture. With its high level of integration and smart power architecture, the ZMD21013 can dramatically reduce the average overall bill of materials and power consumption of an entire sensor-based system. The result is an average ultra-low power consumption of only 25-to-30 µW during normal operations and less than 1µW in idle mode. Beyond the common signal measurement mode, the ZMD21013 supports an additional temperature measurement mode and an auto-zero mode, which allows monitoring of long-term stability drifts and offsets for compensation and correction purposes.

The ZMD21013 application-specific standard product (ASSP) contains an on-chip clock generator and a 16x8bit EEPROM to store non-volatile configuration data, calibration coefficients, and an optional user-programmable identification. An SPI-compatible serial interface connects the ZMD21013 to the customer’s specific external microcontroller or digital signal processor. The ZMD21013 can be ordered for consumer (0 degrees C to +70 degrees C) as well as for industrial temperature ranges (-25 degrees C to +85 degrees C).

Package, Price, Availability
The ZMD21013 will be available as engineering samples in the first quarter of this year and will be available in quantities in the second quarter. The devices are available in TSSOP20 (4.4mm x 4.6mm) packages. Unit prices start at 1.49 EUR, or USD 2.10, in volumes of 1k devices or more.

About ZMD
Founded in 1961, ZMD AG is a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for automotive, industrial, medical and consumer applications. ZMD specializes in design and marketing of high temperature, high voltage and ultra low power application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and application-specific standard products (ASSPs). ZMD’s advanced circuit-design expertise allows the company to offer ICs with operating temperatures as high as +160 degrees C, and voltages from 0.85 V to 40 V. Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, ZMD has 250 employees worldwide and serves customers from the company’s offices in Melville, NY; Stuttgart, Germany; Newcastle, England; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan, Hsinchu City, Taiwan and Bangalore, India. ZMD operates design centers in Dresden and Stuttgart, Germany; Melville, NY, and Madison, WI.