MosChip Single-Chip, Single-Lane PCI Express to Peripheral Controller

MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd., a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, announced the worldwide availability of a single-chip, single-lane PCI Express (PCIe) to peripheral controller with support for serial, parallel, ISA and USB interfaces and standards. Already in use by some customers, the solution comes with a comprehensive system design package. The MCS9901CV is the world’s first PCIe to peripheral I/O controller to have more than 21 combinations of Serial, Parallel, USB and ISA interface options. The product is ideal for PCIe-based Serial or Parallel port expansion through add-in cards for server original equipment manufacturers (OEM), PCI Express Cards and PC peripheral manufacturers, embedded motherboard applications and industrial controls.

The product, MosChip’s MCS9901CV PCIe to Peripheral I/O Controller, is fully compliant with the PCIe base specification revision 1.0a. It boasts four 16C550/16C550Ex compatible UART channels; 256 Byte FIFO for transmit and receive paths in each serial port; and supports RS232, RS485 and RS422 modes and slow IrDA. The MCS9901CV also provides bi-directional speeds from 50 bps to 16 Mbps per port and full serial modem control and custom baud rate support. In addition, it supports hardware and software flow control as well as 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 bit Serial data format support and even, odd, mark, space and no parity.

MosChip’s MCS9901CV is also offered with comprehensive design support:

  • Software driver suite with available source code for Microsoft Vista / XP / 2000 / 98 / CE, Apple Mac OS, Linux and DOS
  • Wide range of PCIe peripheral I/O card designs
  • Gerber and Protel system schematics and other supporting documentation
  • World-class support with comprehensive system design services

“We are pleased to have participated as an early adopter of the new MosChip MCS9901CV feature rich PCIe controller,” said Kumar Bhatia, CTO at Axxon Computer Corporation. “Many of the required functions for our projects are now available through this single chip device. Our company perceives a strategic value in the deployment of the MCS9901CV component for our next generation of designs. This new alliance between MosChip and our company will allow us to maintain the competitive lead in the PCI Express add-on peripheral market.”

“MosChip’s new PCIe to peripheral I/O controller and design support has helped us tremendously to introduce our product to market in record time,” said Mr. Paka Leung, President of Speed Dragon Multimedia, Inc. “From the time we received the MCS9901CV samples and design support package we were able to get a production ready design to market in less than two weeks.”

“Sunrich Technology is pleased to be the first-to-market with its PCI Express-Quad port Serial controller using this innovative MosChip MCS9901CV,” said Dr. Samuel Chih, CEO of Sunrich Technology (US), Inc. “This highly integrated and highly reliable MosChip MCS9901CV is a single-chip solution which offers excellent performance and high quality for robust business and demanding industrial applications.”

“MosChip is proud to introduce a system solution package with such far-reaching application possibilities by providing a multitude of PCIe to Serial and Parallel I/O connectivity options,” commented Bhanu Nanduri, Chief Operating Officer for MosChip. “The MCS9901CV, together with its system design support package, addresses a wide range of business opportunities in chip-to-chip, and box-to-box connectivity applications with very short time to revenue schedules.”

Pricing and Availability
The MCS9901CV, now available, is ideally suited for desktop and notebook applications, such as add-in cards / PCI Express cards for high-speed serial, parallel or USB port expansion. A suite of production-ready system software and hardware designs are also available. The design kits include a board support package, software drivers, EEPROM utilities and evaluation systems. Pricing varies by quantity but starts at $9.95 per 10,000 units.

About MosChip
MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited, a fabless semiconductor company, was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The company’s design center is in Hyderabad. The sales activity is handled by its wholly owned subsidiary, viz., MosChip Semiconductor Technology, USA. The company has several products in the PCI, USB and Internet Security Space.