IRIS Technologies Debuts PCI Express cards with TI DSPs

Enabling customers to quickly develop their designs, IRIS Technologies announces a range of PCI Express cards, which contain two Texas Instruments TMS320C6416T DSPs running at 1 GHz and two FPGAs with 70,000 logic elements each for use as re-configurable and re-programmable development/deployment platforms. Customers in the telecom, medical imaging and defense markets can take advantage of the ability to use the boards stand alone or in an IRIS development or deployment system.

“IRIS Technologies, by the virtue of its TI third party status, can provide users with a powerful development platform that uses high performance TI DSPs such as TMS320C6416T and development software,” said Gautam Kavipurapu of IRIS Technologies. “The ability to take advantage of standard design flows and tools from TI allows users to build high performance systems and sub-systems for emulation, hardware in loop simulation or deployment.”

All IRIS Boards work with TI’s Code Composer Studio(TM) Integrated Development Environment, Altera Quartus web software and Matlab from Mathworks. IRIS ships evaluation versions of all these software packages with boards to get the user up and running right out of the box. The ability for TI Code Composer Studio IDE to plug into Matlab, which also interacts with Quartus provides the users a powerful environment for development of systems and sub-systems.

The boards contain x4 PCIe host interface, which provide a raw interconnect bandwidth of 10 Gbps to the host platform. IRIS’ DSP PCI Express boards are built to PCI Express long board form factor specifications and fit into standard server slots that can accommodate long boards or can be used in systems from IRIS. The boards can also be used stand alone with an external power supply. IRIS provides a simple API and driver for the PCI express interface for 32-bit Windows operating systems.

“By utilizing TI’s industry-leading C64x high-performance DSPs, IRIS DSP PCI Express boards provide developers with a simple solution to create their designs more quickly and efficiently,” said Cathy Wicks, DSP Marketing Manager, TI. “With performance of up to 8000 million instructions per second (MIPS) at 1 GHz, TI’s C64x devices continue to provide cost-effective solutions for high-performance DSP programming challenges.”

The DSP DPA board has the same configuration as the DSP Compute board with two ADC and DAC channels provided by two TI ADS5500, Analog to Digital Converters, with a sampling rate of 125 msps and two TI DAC904E, Digital to Analog Converters, with a sampling rate of 165 msps. The boards come standard with 1 GB of DDRII SDRAM memory expandable to 2 GB.

IRIS is also developing designs and intellectual property for bundling with IRIS boards and available as engines, that the customers will be able to take advantage of in the near future.

About the Texas Instruments DSP Third Party Network
IRIS Technologies Inc. is a member of the TI DSP Third Party Network, a worldwide organization of independent companies that offer products and services supporting TI DSPs. TI third parties provide expertise across a variety of applications, including audio, control, telecom, video and imaging and wireless communications. Third party products and services include a broad range of application software, development hardware and software, and consulting services that support original equipment manufacturers’ efforts to bring differentiated products to the market quickly.

About IRIS Technologies
IRIS Technologies Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Dallas Texas. IRIS has a team of systems architects, engineers with expertise in systems architecture, asic, fpga software development design and development. IRIS solutions span the entire spectrum of the product development life cycle and include services: Optimal System, Sub-System Architecture, Algorithm Development and Porting on to Platform of Choice, Prototype Development (Engineering Prototypes and Production Prototypes), ASIC development for co-processors for specific functions. IRIS Products include: High Performance PCI Express based boards, Engines (IP + Boards) for specific applications, Systems that bundle IRIS boards and Software. IRIS products are specifically targeted towards rapid prototyping, system emulation and system simulation.