ProDesign Launches CHIPit QuickSilver Edition for ASIC Prototyping

ProDesign, leading supplier of high-speed ASIC and SoC verification platforms, announced the CHIPit QuickSilver Edition, the newest member of the successful CHIPit ASIC Prototyping family. The CHIPit QuickSilver gives ASIC, SoC and IP design verification engineers flexibility and performance to debug designs in the most cost-effective way. QuickSilver provides early prototypes for software development or end customers to eliminate respins and shorten time to market dramatically.

The QuickSilver kit includes an FPGA extension board and motherboard. The motherboard manages configuration, clock handling and communication with the FPGA extension board. The FPGA extension board is equipped with the Xilinx Virtex 5 LX330, the largest FPGA in the industry. It has two extension board sections with 640 free user I/Os to adapt to additional standard CHIPit or user specific extension boards. The system also offers 7 free routable local clocks (3 external, four on-board programmable).

The board also has four SO-DIMM sockets for two DDR2 and two DDR memory modules. The direct connection between these sockets and the FPGA guarantees high-speed access to the memories. The board can run stand-alone and can be configured via JTAG interface or CF card.

“QuickSilver was developed based on customer input for a cost-effective, high-speed, single-FPGA prototyping solution for pre-silicon software development or IP verification with improved scalability and flexibility to increase the capacity of their existing CHIPit Prototyping Systems. QuickSilver completes the CHIPit product family and allows the user to use CHIPit systems in the most flexible and cost-effective way, more than ever before,” stated Gunnar Scholl, director of marketing and business development at ProDesign.

The first public presentation of CHIPit QuickSilver will be held in booth of Prototyping Japan # 701, during the EDSFair 2008 January 24 – 25 in Yokohama, Japan.

CHIPit QuickSilver will be available end of January 2008.

More information: CHIPit