PMC-Sierra Debuts MSP7160 Integrated GPON Fibre Access Gateway Device

PMC-Sierra, Inc. (Nasdaq:PMCS) has announced the availability of a Gigabit-speed, multi-service fibre access gateway device with an integrated ITU-T G.984 GPON interface. The MSP7160 integrates all of the functionality required for a GPON residential gateway, and leverages PMC-Sierra’s proven GPON interoperability and software layers to improve performance and reduce OEM time-to-market and development costs. The availability of this new device will enable carriers to expand HD video service offerings to consumers through the mass deployment of high bandwidth broadband and support necessary enhancements to applications, such as video and picture sharing, P2P and data storage.

PMC-Sierra MSP7160 integrated GPON fibre access gateway deviceThe MSP7160 delivers gigabit-per-second IPv4 or IPv6 routing, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Quality of Service (QoS) features. It includes integrated multi-channel VoIP terminal adapter capabilities, GPON MAC and SERDES functions with proven interoperability. As the newest addition to the industry’s most complete fibre access gateway portfolio, the MSP7160 is also software compatible with PMC-Sierra’s other MSP7100 family devices.

“First and second generation FTTH deployments required both an ONT box and a separate Residential or Multi-service Gateway box,” said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group. “A high-performance integrated GPON residential gateway device puts both functions into a single box with a single device, enabling significant savings in equipment cost, deployment cost, network complexity, and field maintenance overhead. For the OEM, the ability to use PMC-Sierra’s software-compatible device family for virtually any geographic deployment is a big plus, and the device’s interoperability addresses an important carrier goal, the ability to mix and match devices in the field.”

Support software and tools include PMC-Sierra’s GPON ONT OMCI management client and API, a full suite of field-proven voice processing components, the MSP7100 Series Linux SDK tool chain, middleware software packages and a complete third-party pre-integrated residential gateway application. Reference designs and development platforms are available and include BOM-cost optimised schematics, gerber files and documentation.

“Based on our successful IEEE EPON deployments in Asia, PMC-Sierra is the unquestioned market leader in high volume FTTH deployments, and this new integrated GPON residential gateway solution will help accelerate the transition to similar high volume deployments of the GPON ITU standard,” said Victor Vaisleib, vice president and general manager of the FTTH Business Unit at PMC-Sierra. “Using our broad portfolio of software-compatible fibre access gateways, our customers can leverage their development efforts to provide next-generation access gateway products for any carrier in the world.”

Breakthrough performance in an integrated device
The MSP7160 processing architecture features a MIPS 600MHz multi-threaded core, common in architecture to all MSP7100 devices. This architecture enables hitless context switching between simultaneous processing for tasks associated with multiple services (data, video, voice, fixed mobile convergence, storage) resulting in robust quality of service and deterministic QoE for these services. It is designed to support new residential gateway functions and services such as integrated storage/media server, fixed mobile convergence (FMC) clients, remote access server and content management. The integrated GPON function includes capabilities based on the deployment-hardened GigaPASS(tm) architecture to support full-rate 2.5/1.25 Gbit/s GPON without processing burden. A virtual DSP engine provides guaranteed cycles for voice processing tasks. The MSP7160 also provides a full complement of interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB2.0 and PCI.

Availability and customer support
The MSP7160 GPON Fibre Access Gateway device is sampling now. For pricing and delivery information, contact a PMC-Sierra sales representative at Related product briefs are available at

About PMC-Sierra’s family of fibre access gateway solutions
Fibre access gateways are part of PMC-Sierra’s industry leading portfolio of multi-service processors. As the only supplier with millions of gigabit PON devices in field deployment and a portfolio that supports EPON (IEEE802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile), GPON (ITU-T G.984) and Gigabit Ethernet, PMC-Sierra offers a single, software-compatible product family that supports fibre access deployments in all geographic markets using any network topology. For more information visit: and

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