Vitesse Announces VScope Embedded Waveform Viewing Technology

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (Pink Sheets:VTSS) is providing system designers with new possibilities to redefine the dynamics and economies of backplane design, signal integrity analysis, test & measurement equipment, and remote monitoring in communication systems with the introduction of VScope(tm), a revolutionary Integrated Circuit (IC)-based waveform viewing technology. VScope embeds the oscilloscope function into the receiver of ICs used in communication systems, thus offering direct viewing of signal characteristics similar to traditional lab oscilloscopes.

Vitesse’s patented technology provides a more accessible and cost-effective signal analysis tool that can be remotely monitored through network connections. VScope technology leapfrogs current signal integrity methods to scan the input data eye within the chip itself and produces the industry’s first offering of true in-line imaging of the real-time data stream on a per-pin basis.

“Vitesse’s approach to embedded waveform viewing technology will certainly drive signal analysis across the network, resulting in greater network reliability for end-users,” said Will Strauss, principal analyst for Forward Concepts. “They have brought to market a solution that enables exceptionally high accuracy and newfound visibility critical for cost-effective system debug and remote monitoring. As well, the advanced ‘micro-oscilloscope’ afforded by VScope will spark the advent of new applications that go beyond the reach of today’s lab scope functionality.”

True Visibility of Signal Integrity
Vitesse’s VScope data acquisition architecture uses dual adjustable sampling channels for simultaneously receiving and scanning. VScope delivers superior accuracy over external measurement methods, because it reflects the true behavior of the data stream as it is captured, thus avoiding correlation errors between the measurement circuitry and live data path. Post-equalizer scanning, made possible with VScope, delivers an unobstructed view of the internal IC signal compared to oscilloscopes that offer only an extrapolated view of signals from outside the chip.

By replicating the oscilloscope function within the IC, the equivalent of countless engineering test labs can now be deployed throughout the network. This creates exceptional visibility in monitoring signal integrity in ICs, systems, and networks. The same monitoring function used during system development can now be used as an ongoing health monitor for systems and networks. As an example, deployed VScope-equipped systems can inform network operators of signal health and failures, resulting in a newfound function of continuous monitoring of signals to facilitate greater overall network reliability.

“VScope is a game-changing technology that will bridge the gap between test & measurement equipment capability and the demands of signal integrity engineering,” said Gary McCormack, chief technologist, Signal Integrity Solutions, Office of the CTO for Vitesse. “VScope will become an integral part of Vitesse’s comprehensive portfolio of signal integrity solutions offering both the capability to transport ever-faster signals across all types of media and a revolutionary new way to verify signal integrity. Our patented signal scanning architecture provides designers and network engineers the vision they need to elevate data services to the next level.”

Vitesse to Present at DesignCon 2008
Vitesse will present a paper entitled “Design and Application of Embedded Waveform Viewing Technology for Integrated Circuits” at DesignCon 2008 the week of February 4-7, 2008, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Specific presentation time and conference information can be found at the DesignCon website. Show attendees may also visit the Vitesse booth #812 for a demonstration of VScope.

Evaluation boards will be available in the second quarter of 2008.

About Vitesse
Vitesse designs, develops and markets a diverse portfolio of high-performance, cost-competitive semiconductor solutions for communications networks worldwide. Engineering excellence and dedicated customer service distinguish Vitesse as an industry leader in Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Ethernet-over-SONET, Fibre Channel, Optical Transport, and other applications. Vitesse innovation empowers customers to deliver superior products for Enterprise, Access, Metro, and Core applications.

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