CoFluent Design Launches CoFluent Reader Model Viewer, Player

CoFluent Design, an Electronic System Level (ESL) company focused on delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for early system architecture exploration and performance analysis, announced the release of CoFluent Reader, its model viewer and player. CoFluent Reader allows browsing and viewing freely graphical models captured with CoFluent Studio, CoFluent Design’s ESL visual architecture development environment. In addition, simulations of models can be played back for observing predicted behavioral, real-time and performance results.

Models created with CoFluent Studio serve as executable specification for the design of complex mixed hardware/software embedded systems and systems-on-chip. Models and their simulation results represent a much more effective way for capturing, analyzing, verifying and validating the expected functional and performance properties of an electronic system.

With CoFluent Reader, teams and projects can directly exchange models rather than paper and establish an unambiguous common reference view for all project stakeholders.

CoFluent Reader is available to CoFluent Studio licensees and offers them clear benefits:

  • It facilitates and improves communications and exchanges between project members, including distributed teams and third-parties, on the basis of unambiguous executable specifications
  • It accelerates discussion and feedback cycles between marketers, end-users, specification engineers, architects and designers, through a common communication medium
  • It secures their investments by providing a perpetual model player

“Our major CoFluent Studio customer, a world-leading wireless phone manufacturer, found CoFluent Reader very useful. They used the Reader in beta test to communicate the effects of design changes with colleagues on their project,” said Stéphane Leclercq, Chief Executive Officer of CoFluent Design. “CoFluent Studio is meant for design innovation research and analysis. Customers use CoFluent Reader as a dynamic white board to share and exchange ideas through models and simulations. It’s a very effective way to convey, illustrate and validate concepts and architectures.”

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, an executable model is probably worth a thousand pictures,” said Vincent Perrier, Co-Founder and Director of CoFluent Design. “In one click of a mouse, CoFluent Studio users create CoFluent project files they can send by email or post on a web site. Anyone in the company can download and install CoFluent Reader to get the exact same views on the model as its creator and replay full simulations.”

CoFluent Reader is generally available for all users of CoFluent Studio v2.2 which is to be released this quarter and will be demonstrated at the Electronic Design and Solution (EDS) Fair 2008 in Yokohama, Japan.

About CoFluent Design
CoFluent Design provides integrated solutions to bridge the gap between the specification of an electronic system and its implementation. Its CoFluent Studio(tm) ESL modeling and simulation software environment allows developers of electronic devices and chips to:

  • DECIDE: Securely predict behavior and performance from partial software and hardware for design validation at all stages
  • SHARE: Provide system executable specifications rather than static documents for common hardware / software reference
  • CAPITALIZE: Capture projects’ system design expertise in enterprise model libraries for easier and faster innovation