Nangate Rolls Out Cell Library Creator 2.0

Nangate, the leading provider of tools for design-specific digital cell libraries, announced general availability of its second-generation library creation platform. Library Creator version 2.0 is fully validated, silicon proven and already in use at IDMs, foundries and fabless IC design companies around the world.

“With this release, Library Creator has reached the next level of maturity,” said Jens Tagore Brage, CTO of Nangate. “With multiple successful tape-outs behind us, we have focused on enhancing tool performance in terms of both speed and quality of results. The enhanced compaction engine is up to 50 times faster than the previous version and 85% of the cells are now compacted to maximum achievable theoretical density straight out of the tool with no manual intervention.

“The built-in topology and GDSII editors allow users to fine-tune the remaining 15% of cells – if desired. Furthermore, we have made it even easier to set up support for new technologies and design rules. With just a few settings or parameter changes, various library design strategies can be applied. Together, these enhancements translate into massive productivity gains for our customers,” he concluded.

Other enhancements to Library Creator version 2.0 include:

  • Technology support for process development and cell architecture exploration in process nodes down to 32nm
  • Support for double-height and multi-stage cells
  • Additional cell sizing strategies (including logical effort, maximum diffusion, equal output transition, etc.)
  • Optional integrated characterization with support for state of the art modeling methods (NLDM/NLPM, CCS and ECSM)
  • Third-party plug-ins for Spice, LVS, DRC, PEX and DFM

Pricing and Availability
Library Creator version 2.0 is available in several packages starting at $150,000 for a one-year time-based license.

About Nangate
Nangate develops and markets Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software and physical library IP. Through the merger of physical synthesis and cell library creation, the company provides a unique alternative to one-size-fits-all standard-cell libraries and offers a low-risk alternative to full custom chip design. Nangate software provides a complete environment to optimize designs for performance while minimizing power consumption, die area, and time to market.