Strategy Analytics Identifies 10 Key Mobile Phone Trends

Strategy Analytics has identified ten key trends expected to emerge in the mobile handset industry over the next ten years. Important developments will include revolutionary designs and more intuitive user-interface. According to Neil Mawston, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, “Such new formfactors as the transformer and rollable displays will revolutionize media phone design. By 2018, every handset will effectively be a smartphone, with a wide screen, sizeable keyboard and dense battery.”

Chris Ambrosio, Director, added, “These advanced designs and technologies will offer rich rewards to companies that own the intellectual property rights (IPR). In an increasingly crowded marketplace, where copycat products can appear overnight, having a large, defensible IPR portfolio will be more important than ever.”

Other key trends identified from this latest Strategy Analytics latest report, “The Next 10 Years: Handsets and the Global Market in 2018,” include:

  • Consumers will routinely be able to design, purchase, update and repair their own cellphones online. Mobile Device Management (MDM) will be widespread
  • Multi-radio chipsets will be the norm
  • Most handsets will contain an array of WAN, MAN, LAN and PAN radios
  • Some high-tier devices may carry more than 10 radios by 2018

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