CSR Adopts Ponte's YA System for DFM Analysis

Ponte Solutions announced its YA System has been adopted by CSR (LSE: CSR), a leading provider of wireless silicon technology. CSR has chosen to use Ponte’s YA System to perform DFM analysis on its semiconductor designs. Ponte’s software will aid CSR as it moves into 65nm processes and beyond.

Ponte’s YA System allows designers to see the effect of classic Critical Area Analysis (CAA) and systematic variations on integrated circuit designs. As CAA is both statistical and contextual in nature it has been difficult for designers to take specific measurable actions to reduce CAA issues. Ponte’s YA System overcomes this by detailing prioritized CAA hot spots to ensure that the most critical CAA effects are identified and corrected. To ensure that process sensitivity analysis is readily available to all designers, the YA System comes with pre-defined analysis routines for IP level, standard cell, memory block, and full-chip signoff.

“Customers continue to expect CSR to lead the industry in delivering new features in wireless technologies,” said Mark Scoones, CSR Consultant. “To meet these expectations CSR works with DFM providers such as Ponte to ensure our designs are robust, and that these same designs will make a smooth transition to our manufacturing partners. The YA System allows us to deal with process variability throughout the design process, resulting in faster and more predictable product introductions.”

About Ponte Solutions
Ponte Solutions, Inc. develops and markets unique model-based software products and DFM solutions that analyze, predict, and reduce the impact of process variability during the manufacture and design of semiconductors. Ponte customers include leading semiconductor companies, foundries, and design houses worldwide. Founded in 2002, the venture-backed company has received funding from The Mayfield Fund, U.S. Venture Partners, Incubic LLC, Silicom Ventures LLC, and others. The company has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and Yerevan, Armenia.