Chipworks Introduces ICInside Browser Tool

Chipworks, the leader in reverse engineering and technical analysis of semiconductors and microelectronic systems, has implemented new advancements that dramatically improve the efficiency of circuit extraction and analysis and deliver an interactive software application that allow customers to rapidly understand and get value from reverse engineering.

“The continuing investment in software enables Chipworks to automate more elements of feature extraction and annotation for analog and digital circuits,” says Julia Elvidge, President of Chipworks. “Our customers directly benefit because as devices and circuitry grow increasingly complex we continue to be able to deliver world class analysis that is both timely and accurate.”

“This new capability allows the seamless transfer of analysis from our engineers and labs into an easy-to-use tool, called the Chipworks ICInside Browser. The effect is a dramatic decrease in the amount of time and effort customers need in order to integrate Chipworks’ analysis into their product designs. For technical teams this translates directly into shorter product development life-cycles, more socket wins, and a faster time-to-profit.”

To enable circuit designers, competitive intelligence professionals, and intellectual property groups to rapidly navigate the complex circuits that Chipworks extracts and organizes, the Chipworks ICInside Browser delivers the following key features:

  • Effortless browsing of the circuit schematic, from the top level all the way down to individual devices.
  • Bi-directional cross-referencing between the schematic and high magnification images of the device and interconnect layers that were analyzed to create the schematic.
  • Graphical signal tracing to easily follow signals of the largest and most complex hierarchical designs.
  • The ability to export a netlist of the extracted circuitry in a variety of industry-standard formats.

Chipworks will demonstrate this new tool at the Electronic Design and Solution Fair in Japan, January 24-25, 2008. We will also host a suite at the Hotel Palomar, February 5-6 right next door to the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco.

About Chipworks
Chipworks is an internationally recognized technical services company that analyzes the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductors and electronic systems. Our services include a wide range of applications in patent licensing support and competitive study. For more than 15 years, Chipworks has successfully helped semiconductor and electronics organizations achieve their goals by supporting research and development efforts in strategic product development and patent portfolio management. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Chipworks has offices in Warsaw, Poland; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The Company is represented in Israel.