RONETIX Launches CPU Module with AT91SAM9263

Ronetix announced the availability of the new AT91SAM9263 based System-on-Module. The CPU Module in SODIMM200 format has on board a 240 MHz ARM926E CPU, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Parallel Flash, 256MB NAND Flash, 4MB Video RAM, 2MB DataFlash, 10/100Mb ethernet and a serial number chip. A Starter Kit is also avaiable – it consists of a Base Board, a CPU Module in SODIMM200 format, PEEDI JTAG Emualtor and Flash Programmer and open source software. The Base Board provides an MMC/SD socket, a Compact Flash socket, a connector for LCD with Touch screen, four Audio jacks, an USB device port, two USB Host ports, two RS232 connectors and a CAN connector.

To have an easy and quick start the package includes: GNU compiler and debugger, bootloader U-BOOT, Linux and Open Zaurus root file system.

The package includes also PEEDI – the JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer of Ronetix which allows fast debugging with gdb/insight/Eclipse and easy programming of NOR Flash, NAND Flash and DataFlash chips.

Ronetix AT91SAM9263 based System-on-Module

About Ronetix
Ronetix supplies complete software toolkits, flash programmers intelligent debug probes and development boards for the ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and XScale technology implementations. The Company headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. For sales information on RONETIX’s products contact