Vonaq Launches IPTV Test Option for QuickTest 100 ADSL Tester

Vonaq Ltd, a provider of low-cost handheld telecoms testers, joined the IPTV marketplace and announced the launch of its IPTV Test Option for the QuickTest 100 ADSL2+ Tester. The QuickTest 100 ADSL Tester is a low-cost, robust handheld device capable of working in both a standalone mode and then, when connected to a laptop or PC, used as a diagnostic tool using the web interface.

QuickTest 100 ADSL Tester with IPTV Test Option“IPTV is the next generation technology for TV, with huge growth potential for service providers,” said Richard Petrie, Managing Director, Vonaq Ltd. “As part of that growth, we want to ensure that engineers and installers have the tools available to help them with locating and resolving problems quickly, whilst at the same time, being mindful of the costs involved. The QuickTest 100 ADSL2+ Tester with IPTV Test Option addresses both of these needs.”

The IPTV Tester Option for the QuickTest 100 is ideal for the installation, maintenance and commissioning of IPTV services. Testing directly on the ADSL or Ethernet interface enables service problems to be found quickly, such as:

  • Excessive Network Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Bandwidth Issues
  • Missing Channels
  • Poor Quality of Service

By using the comprehensive Web Interface, the IPTV Tester Option has many key features that will help the user to quickly resolve IPTV problems:

  • Channel ZAP Test
  • ETSI TR 101 290 QOS Measurements
  • QOS Jitter Analysis
  • Transport Stream Channel Map Analysis
  • Measurement of Stream Rates
  • User Defined Pass / Fail Thresholds for all key measurements

Standards supported include:

  • ADSL2+, Ethernet, MPEG2, MPEG4, TR 101 290, IGMP Version 2

About Vonaq Ltd.
Vonaq Ltd designs, develops and manufactures low-cost telecoms test equipment for TELCO’s, local loop un-bundlers, maintainers, installers and manufacturers. With distributors in UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Vonaq Ltd can help you test and maintain your network in the most cost effective way, wherever you are.