LDRA to Roll Out TBreq 2.0 at Embedded World 2008

LDRA, the leading provider of automated software development, source code analysis and testing tools for a wide variety of market sectors, will launch TBreq version 2.0 at Embedded World 2008 (Hall 10, Stand 320). TBreq automates the manual, time consuming process of requirements traceability and verification, while also facilitating defect tracking and resolution, activities that represent 50% to 70% of project costs and are critical to successful software development.

LDRA TBreq 2.0 screenshotTBreq v2.0 incorporates significant new and enhanced capabilities and is part of LDRA’s integrated tool suite, covering requirements traceability, code analysis, quality & design review, unit test, test verification and test management, that is at the leading edge of software testing technology. Many ground-breaking testing techniques have been derived from methodologies developed by LDRA.

The LDRA integrated tool suite assists with the six primary tasks required to achieve an organisation’s software development and maintenance goals. It can be utilised by an entire project team, ranging from developers, QA managers, test engineers, project managers and maintenance/support engineers, to automate the software development lifecycle. Through the deployment of LDRA’s tools, companies are able to deliver well constructed, documented and tested software and, in addition, benefit from significant time, cost and operational savings for their businesses.

About LDRA
For more than thirty years LDRA has developed and driven the market for software used for the automation of code analysis and software testing of safety critical applications. These tools can are used in the aerospace, space and defence technology industries as well as nuclear energy and the automobile industries. Through the use of LDRA tools these companies ensure that their systems are built in accordance to prescribed standards and are durable and reliable in use. LDRA tools support a multiplicity of programming languages and are executable on all the common host platforms. LDRA is represented world-wide with its head office in the UK and subsidiaries in the USA as well as an extensive distribution network.