Qpixel Creates Reference Platforms for H.264 Streaming, Digital Recording

Qpixel Technology, an innovator in video compression silicon and software solutions, unveiled the Q.stream network media streamer and Q.record personal video recorder/player, two new reference platforms based on its industry-leading, low power H.264 codec family. The new platforms demonstrate Qpixel’s superior video compression and image processing capabilities, and help consumer electronics OEMs shorten their design cycles. The Q.stream platform will be on display at the CES booths of Qpixel’s new technology partners Techwell, Inc. (booth — South 4 35974MP) and Ralink Technology Corporation (private suite — Hilton 2169). Q.record will be on display at Qpixel’s private suite at the Wynn hotel.

Based on Qpixel’s market proven QL201B, Q.stream is ideal for a wide range of streaming applications, including remote monitoring cameras, IP video servers, and media streaming for in-home content distribution. Q.record uses Qpixel’s highly integrated QL202B SoC, and is perfect for portable video and audio recording/playback devices that use flash memory for local storage.

“We are pleased to be a part of Qpixel’s Q.stream product launch,” said Tom Krause, vice president of business development at Techwell, Inc. “With the QL200 family’s focus on low power, high quality, and reliability, Techwell is excited to be a value-added partner to Qpixel in low power video decoder technology.”

System designers typically prefer silicon platforms that enable differentiation and customization. Although DSPs and media processors offer this flexibility, there is always a penalty in cost, performance, or power consumption. With Qpixel’s new Q.stream platform, consisting of Techwell’s market leading video decoder technology, Qpixel’s low power QL201B H.264 codec, and Ralink’s state-of-the-art WiFi module, designers get access to a system solution that addresses all the above issues simultaneously and cost effectively.

“We have been impressed with Qpixel’s broad technical capabilities and their commitment to their customers and partners,” said Kenny Chiu, vice president of marketing at Ralink Technology. “We see Q.stream as a powerful tool for accelerating customer designs in media streaming applications, yet allowing sufficient flexibility for product differentiation.”

Q.record’s modular design allows designers to pick and choose the components that are relevant to their specific application. In addition, due to the portable nature of Q.record’s target applications, power consumption is a key design consideration when selecting the system components. QL202B’s extremely low power consumption, along with its ability to connect to mobile DDR memory, results in a low enough total system power consumption to enable up to six consecutive hours of real-time D1 H.264 recording using four AA batteries.

MELE Digital Technology, a key Qpixel ODM partner and customer in China, is one of the first to adopt the Q.record reference design for its line of portable video recorders. “MELE offers a rich portfolio of state-of-the-art portable video recorders and players to major U.S. and European OEMs,” said Brian Xia, deputy general manager at MELE. “In searching for a silicon solution to upgrade our video recorders with H.264 functionality, we found Q.record from Qpixel to be an excellent reference to help accelerate the evaluation process and shorten our product’s design cycle.”

Both Q.stream and Q.record platforms are available today. For additional information, or to inquire about pricing, please contact Qpixel sales at salesinfo@qpixeltech.com.

About Ralink Technology Corporation
Ralink Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and developer of wireless LAN chipset solutions. Ralink 802.11x chipsets are recognized for superior throughput, extended range, low power consumption and consistent reliability demanded by WiFi, mobile and embedded applications. Ralink Technology was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Hsin-chu, Taiwan and an R&D center in Cupertino, CA.

About Techwell
Techwell is a semiconductor company that designs, markets and sells mixed signal integrated circuits for multiple video applications in the security surveillance, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Techwell currently has offices in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan.

About Shenzhen MELE Digital Technology Ltd.
MELE Digital is a leading Chinese company that designs portable video recorder and HDD multimedia player/recorder products for major European and U.S. OEMs. MELE has a strong in-house R&D team of software, hardware and ID/MD with rich experience on digital video product design and manufacturing.

About Qpixel Technology
Qpixel Technology, an innovator in video compression silicon and software solutions, specializes in digital consumer applications that balance superior video quality with extended hours of portable operation at mass-market prices. Founded in 2003, Qpixel is headquartered in Cupertino, CA, with offices in Taiwan, Japan, and China.