Kozio Releases Beta Version of kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite

Kozio(TM), Inc., the leading provider of automated hardware functional test for design and manufacturing of digital circuit boards, has released its beta version of kDiagnostics(TM) Manufacturing Suite. This new addition enhances Kozio’s line of embedded circuit board test software. Kozio is the only vendor to provide processor-optimized functional test and debug of this type in the industry. The beta version is currently being tested by Kozio’s customers, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and others and is an important step toward general availability scheduled for February 2008.

kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite improves manufacturing testing productivity through a new easy-to-read “PASS/FAIL” user interface, user friendly test sequence language, integrated database, and ready-to-use test actions such as receiving input from a barcode reader. Combined with other products in the suite, delivered are new solutions to help customers prove-out designs early and increase test station throughput and bone-pile troubleshooting.

kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite includes:

  • kDiagnostics(TM): fast and thorough testing for core memories, busses, and peripherals with
    automatic in-circuit programming. Extendible for custom devices through an included test development kit.
  • SequenceRunner(TM): scan it, test it, track it.
  • SequenceReporter(TM): generate reports on units, stations, and operators.
  • Command Line Interface: for integration with existing test executives and processes.

“kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite will redefine digital board testing in manufacturing,” said Joseph Skazinski, President of Kozio, Inc. “This version of kDiagnostics is our most significant release in recent years and includes new technologies based on customer feedback. It is designed to allow users to reduce per unit test time and upfront test development efforts, and still increase the ability to find and isolate assembly faults. After many years of research and development, we’re putting our beta software to the test and soliciting technical feedback from select customers and partners.”

Kozio’s kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite will expand on the benefits kDiagnostics, its flagship product first delivered four years ago, but will remain an integrated set of programs, servers and services designed to empower engineers and technicians to get better test results more quickly. It will include new functionality across the core application, as well as help to amplify customers’ ability to successfully manage the test creation, execution and recording of test results. kDiagnostics contains hundereds of proven test suites, thousands of test calls for extending coverage, and can program flash memory or any programmable logic device up to three times faster than current methods . The beta release of kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite serves as a prelude to a final release in February 2008 and is priced per station. Interested parties can register for Kozio’s bi-monthly newsletter and will be notified of its availability.

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio provides proven hardware tools to test circuit boards for embedded systems. Our tools compliment other technologies such as ICT, JTAG and Boundary Scan by providing functional test during design and manufacturing. Our diagnostics platform includes test suites for NAND Flash memory, DDR, RapidIO®, PCI Express, USB and many other embedded technologies from AMCC, Freescale, Intel, Broadcom, Micron, and others. Our extensible test architecture gives the design and manufacturing test engineers more visibility into, and control of, their hardware with easier test automation. Kozio’s validation tools have become the leading software for board bring-up, manufacturing test, power-on self-test (POST), technical support, and returns testing. Kozio software reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage and end-product reliability. Kozio products are used by technology companies across the globe.

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