Ralink Rolls Out RT3080, RT3070 802.11n Single Chips

Ralink Technology Corporation, a leading developer of 802.11 chipsets, announced its new 802.11n single chips. The RT3080, which enables Wi-Fi in handheld/mobile devices and the RT3070, the industry’s smallest 802.11n USB single chip for PCs, AP/Routers and client devices.

The RT3080 boasts on-chip gain selectable LNA with optimized noise figure for high sensitivity, on-chip LDO regulators that supply a single battery in SDIO mode and reduce power consumption by supporting adaptive transmit output power and power amplifier bias control. The chip draws only 300mW power at full speed receiving mode. These key features facilitate efficient Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and for the first time, a mobile device is now available with a power level and price point that can drive the mass adoption of Wi-Fi in personal media players, smart phones, digital still cameras, gaming and other portable consumer devices.

“The new RT3080 addresses the thriving mobile Wi-Fi Market, the fastest growing Wi-Fi segment. This market demands increasingly small form-factors and ultra low power consumption,” said Rick Jeng, President of Ralink Technology, “The RT3080 meets these challenges and further adds the performance of 802.11n, setting a new precedence for mobile Wi-Fi.”

The RT3070 is the industry’s leading 802.11n USB single chip with a tiny 9mmx9mm QFN 76-pin. The high integration and low-cost digital CMOS design makes this chip ideal for the next generation of consumer electronics, broadband and PC desktop WLAN solutions.

“Ralink extends its leadership in 802.11 USB solutions with the introduction of the RT3070, the world’s smallest 802.11n single chip solution,” says Jeng. “The USB client is the highest volume 802.11 adapter in the market, and this chip enables our customers to build USB clients with a reduced RBOM and at nearly half the size.”

Technical Information
Ralink’s RT3080 single-chip solution features substantial RBOM integration on the chip, with low noise amplifier (LNA) and power management. The chip has options in FC (Flip Chip) or QFN 76-pin packages to satisfy a wide array of application design requirements such as SIP (System in Package) modules and it is optimized for Bluetooth coexistence. The reference design kit includes complete, turnkey mobile Wi-Fi solutions including software driver support for the Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 enabling ease-of-design and fast time-to-market.

The RT3070 single-chip 802.11n solution features high throughput and extended range for single antenna and the reference design kit includes complete, turnkey Wi-Fi solutions including software driver support for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2K, Mac OS X and Linux.

Both the RT3080 and RT3070 single-chip solutions are available in single band frequency (2.4 GHz) and support security with WPA(TM), WPA2(TM), Wi-Fi Protected Set-Up(TM) and QoS (802.11e and WMM) which offer a rich feature set to support voice and video.

The RT3080 and RT3070 are currently being sampled by early access customers and will be in mass production in the first quarter of 2008. Pricing is available upon request. For more information please contact our sales team.

About Ralink Technology Corporation
Ralink Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and developer of wireless LAN chipset solutions. Ralink 802.11x chipsets are recognized for superior throughput, extended range, low-power consumption and consistent reliability demanded by Wi-Fi, mobile and embedded applications. These feature-rich chipsets have a high level of chip integration for client and AP solutions for CB, miniPCI, PCI and USB interfaces, enabling customers to build smaller and more sophisticated mobile wireless products cost-effectively. Ralink’s patented MIMObility(TM) technology extends Wi-Fi applications from traditional PC networking to a range of digital multimedia and handheld devices including cell phones, PDAs, cameras, print servers, HDTV and video game players. Ralink customers can look forward to continuous improvements in speed, bandwidth and reliability with emerging 802.11n solutions for next-generation high-performance Wi-Fi. Ralink Technology was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Hsin-chu, Taiwan and an R&D center in Cupertino, California.