FIC Spins Off OpenMoko Mobile Device Company

OpenMoko, creator of the first completely integrated open source mobile platform, announced it is now a separate company of world leading motherboard, graphics and mobile manufacturer, FIC. Launched as a project early 2006 within FIC, the move enables OpenMoko to further develop its brand leadership in the open mobile space while leveraging its relationship with FIC, which has provided capital for OpenMoko and will manufacture high-quality mobile products based on the OpenMoko platform.

Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO and founder of OpenMoko, says by establishing a separate cost center and operations, OpenMoko is able to forge new business models, by bringing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to the mobile world.

OpenMoko continues to build up its senior team, announcing Steven Mosher, formerly with Creative Labs as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. Mr. Mosher is headquartered in the United States. Wolfgang Spraul was added as Vice President of Engineering, formerly with DataViz, Inc. He worked as a software engineer in the smartphone industry since inception, on numerous highly successful products such as Documents To Go. Carsten “The Rasterman” Haitzler, creator of Enlightenment and many other famous open source projects, was hired as Lead Graphics Architect.

“We have reached our initial milestone with the developer version of the Neo 1973 — the world’s first entirely open mobile phone, and will shortly announce an exciting new consumer product and key US partner,” said Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO of OpenMoko. “FIC and OpenMoko both recognized that the demands for branding and engineering are quite different for a trailblazing startup company than for a long-time established hardware manufacturer. FIC’s strong support and blessings mean that we can explore and seize new opportunities with greater speed and flexibility.”

“By making OpenMoko a company in its own right, we are giving what started as a highly important project the status and budget to break new ground by making open source a viable business for software as well as hardware developers,” said President of FIC, Charlene Chen. “We already see FOSS taking root and growing in China and are very pleased with current projects and development in the pipeline that will increase demand for manufacturing of new mobile devices. FIC gives its full support to the open source efforts of OpenMoko.”

About FIC
Founded in 1980, First International Computer, Inc (FIC) is a world leader in the design and production of computer motherboards, graphics cards, PC systems, notebooks, mobile solutions, and other electronic devices. Publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE 3701), FIC has a workforce of over 5000 employees spread amongst six supplier hubs, ten manufacturing/assembly sites and seven branch offices. As an OEM/ODM supplier to many of the leading brands in North America, Asia, and Europe, FIC has established itself as a pioneer of innovative products, supplying engineering expertise, advanced R&D, and logistical services throughout the world.

About OpenMoko
A worldwide innovator in the creation of open mobile products, OpenMoko, Inc. manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Neo devices. Since 2006, OpenMoko has been the commercial and community effort empowering developers and consumers to personalize their mobile devices, much like a computer, in any way they see fit.