MagnaChip Creates Smart Mobile Luminance Control Algorithm for LCD Driver

MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., a leading provider of analog and mixed signal semiconductor products for high volume consumer applications, announced that it successfully developed the technology for Smart Mobile Luminance Control (SMLC), a low power consuming backlight control algorithm for LCD driver chips.

The SMLC algorithm can reduce the luminance of LCD backlights by up to 50% through the analysis of the image data in LCD driver chips and the related adjustment of power consumption rates in the LED drivers. At the same time, the SMLC algorithm optimizes the luminance of the display by minimizing image distortion through an adaptive image signal processor in LCD driver chips.

LCD driver chips that apply this technology should be able to decrease power consumption in LCD modules by up to 50%, which, depending on the display technology and size, may as much as double battery life in mobile phones in certain instances. As mobile phones are offering increased multimedia services, requiring high definition and large-sized displays that consume more power, companies are seeking low power consumption solutions such as this SMLC algorithm.

MagnaChip’s SMLC technology offers four motion modes, including user setting mode, user interface mode, still image mode and moving picture mode. These functions allow users to select their optimal power saving rates based on individual preferences. The SMLC technology further supports varied LCD backlight adjustment signals, such as pulse width modulation signals and digital serial and parallel signals.

MagnaChip released an engineering sample of its TA8551 product, a single driver chip for WQVGA TFT-LCDs, in October, which incorporates the SMLC technology. The company expects that this technology will be incorporated into a majority of its future mobile display driver IC products.

Mr. Davis Mok, Vice President of Marketing in MagnaChip’s Display Solutions Division, said, “Market demand for high resolution mobile displays requiring low power consumption technologies is growing rapidly. We expect that our new SMLC technology will allow us to continue to differentiate our products in the mobile handset market through provision of high quality products with enhanced performance to our customers.”

About MagnaChip Semiconductor
Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, MagnaChip Semiconductor is a leading, Asia-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for high volume consumer applications, such as mobile phones, digital televisions, flat panel displays, notebook computers, mobile multimedia devices and digital cameras. The Company has a broad range of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor technology, supported by its 28-year operating history, large portfolio of registered and pending patents and extensive engineering and manufacturing process expertise.