Energi Promotes Thames Innovation Centre

Marketing specialists to the UK and European technology sector, Energi, have announced that they have won a contract to help promote The Thames Innovation Centre at Veridion Park. The Thames Innovation Centre, located on the outskirts of London, is an exciting new eco building designed to house a broad range of technology companies.

At a cost of £8.2m, the Thames Innovation Centre represents a new breed of commercial buildings. As well as housing stylish offices, conference rooms and a cafe area, the entire building has been built to address the environment. Using geothermic heating from the ground, solar panels for water heating and intelligent lighting systems that maximise the use of daylight, the Thames Innovation Centre represents one of the first buildings in Europe that will help technology companies address their impact on the environment.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen for this project, ” said Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of Energi. “It’s the right time and right place for such a building. Most companies now acknowledge an obligation to address their environmental impact, and choosing to locate at the Thames Innovation Centre will take them a long way towards their goals. It also offers many great workspaces that are very stylish, with a very creative vibe. We are very confident that the Innovation Centre, and the wider Veridion Park, has an exciting future.”

The Thames Innovation Centre has been awarded the prestigious Green Apple Award in recognition of its environmental design. Other features of this design include Brise soleils installed to the façade of the building. These vertical louvres act as shields against the sun, reducing glare and providing shade, in turn preventing the sun from heating up the building during the summer. Another key feature is a heat recovery system, which once filtered, uses the heat extracted from the Centre’s stale air to warm the building.

Although the Innovation Centre will be very attractive to local technology start-ups and SME’s, it is also hoping to appeal to global companies looking for a UK base. With excellent transport links to Europe and its close proximity to the City of London, it is expected to be an attractive location for overseas companies. “Now that Paris is little more than two hours away by EuroStar, this Thames Gateway region is starting to make a lot of sense from a commercial perspective,” said Richard Blackburn. “Also, we feel sure that The Thames Innovation Centre, in London, will be an attractive feature to overseas prospects.”

The Thames Innovation Centre has 50,000sqft of commercial space over three storeys, divided into 54 offices, 4 workshops for light manufacturing and several hotdesks for early stage start-ups. In addition to this, it has an attractive Atrium, reception area, conference facilities and cafe area.