AXIOMTEK Rolls Out ETM830, ETM820 ETX 3.0 Compliant CPU Modules

AXIOMTEK, one of leading applied computing platform providers, announced the release of two ETX 3.0 compliant CPU modules, ETM830 and ETM820, with Intel® Core 2 Duo and Pentium® M processors respectively. In addition, the ETM830 is the first Intel® Core 2 Duo ETX 3.0 module in the world. ETX 3.0 standard module now includes faster SATA support while maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility with previous revisions. Our highly integrated and extremely compact computer-on-modules allows designers having advantages to create practical system baseboard that can accept previous, present and future ETX SoM (System on Module). With the most comprehensive features, these two modules are apparently fit for gaming solution, medical, human machine interface (HMI), and digital signage appliance (DSA) markets.

ETM830 – World’s First Intel® Core 2 Duo ETX 3.0 Module
Powered by Intel® 945GME+ICH7M Express chipset, the ETM830 is a highest performance ETX SoM module which supports Intel® Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, and Celeron® M processors both Socket type and onboard type. It comes with the maximum of DDR2 533/667 system memory up to 2 GB and dual SATA-150 interfaces which are ideals for easy logistic and long term supply on the system level consideration even with ISA expansion interface as legacy compliant. Besides, this module supports optional 5.1 channel AC’97 audio output function. The ETM830 is aimed for best computing power and better graphics applications like medical, digital signage appliances. It also reserves 18/24-bit single/dual channel LVDS LCD panel. Its I/O connections include four USB 2.0 ports, one fast Ethernet port, two UARTs ports, one PATA-100 port, and DualView function.

ETM820 – Cost-effective, High Performance ETX 3.0 Module
The ETM820 is a cost-effective yet high performance ETX single board computer which supports Intel® Pentium® M, Celeron® M processors both Socket type and onboard type as well as Intel® 915GME or 910GMLE+ICH6M chipset. Users can select Intel® Pentium® M processor for higher performance or low power, fanless ULV Intel® Celeron® M processor upon different application targets giving lots of flexibility on the choices. The system memory supports DDR2 DIMM socket up to 1GB. Other features and rich I/O connectors include dual SATA-150 interfaces, four USB 2.0 ports, one fast Ethernet, two UARTs ports, one PATA-100 port, and DualView function.

TB9F000 – ATX From Factor Baseboard
We also offer a standard ATX form factor baseboard, the ETB9F000, for user’s development purpose which helps users time to market. This development baseboard reserved four PCI slots and three ISA bus expansions as well as CompactFlash Type II socket. Most I/O functions have been integrated into this baseboard.

The above RoHS compliant products will be available around the middle of February, 2008. For more information or pricing, please browse our official website or contact your territory sales representative or

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