Samsung to Disrupt Storage Visions 2008 with NAND Flash Keynote

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced that, in a keynote Storage Visions 2008 presentation, it will provide a detailed look at how advancements in NAND flash memory are fueling phenomenal changes in the mobile marketplace as NAND continues to disrupt conventional thinking on storage.

Jim Elliott, director, flash memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, will deliver a 30-minute keynote presentation entitled “NAND Flash: Disrupting as it Enables New Markets,” beginning 9:30 a.m., Sunday, January 6, in the Sunset Ballroom of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his presentation, Elliott will examine how NAND flash is helping the mobile industry expand at breakneck speed, while stimulating new designs in a relentless push for sleeker devices, higher storage capabilities and converging features such as video and music recording.

As the largest memory supplier and one of the largest investors in flash research and development, Samsung will show why NAND flash’s influence as a catalyst for change in the storage industry is spreading, with demand soaring, densities jumping, production efficiency improving and the number of applications rapidly expanding.

“There is no single technology more instrumental in the rapid expansion of the consumer electronics marketplace today than NAND flash,” says Elliott. “NAND is playing an increasingly pivotal role in liberating mobile users from the capacity, performance and ease-of-use limitations of yesterday.”

In addition to Elliott’s keynote presentation, Andy Higginbotham, director, sales and marketing, Hard Disk Drive Group, Samsung Semiconductor, will discuss “Emerging Applications for Hard Disk Drives,” in a separate Storage Visions presentation on Sunday at 10:30 a.m., as part of a session entitled: “Your Content, Your Way, Anywhere.”

Higginbotham’s presentation will cover disk drive requirements for non-PC applications including media servers, MP3 players, personal audio/video players, surveillance systems, and automotive entertainment systems, paying particular attention to the need for reduced power consumption, increased storage capacity and improved shock resistance.

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