Altera FPGAs Power SANYO CCA-BC200 Automotive Rear-View Backup Camera

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced its Cyclone® II FPGAs and Nios® II embedded processor are utilized by SANYO Electric Co. in its CCA-BC200 Automotive Rear-View Backup Camera System. The Cyclone II FPGA featuring a Nios II embedded processor provides SANYO with a high-performance image-processing solution that minimizes distortion in wide-angle views and hard-to-interpret perspectives. This single-chip FPGA-based approach provides a more compact and reliable solution compared to digital signal processing (DSP) device-based approaches, which typically require two or more devices.

The CCA-BC200 is the industry’s first aftermarket rear-view backup camera system. The system connects to any car’s video monitor system, digitally correcting images for precise and natural views. SANYO will be demonstrating the rear-view backup camera system in its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7 to 10, 2008.

“The Cyclone II FPGA and the Nios II embedded processor offer a high level of functionality at a tremendous value, enabling us to implement advanced signal processing functions more efficiently than with alternative components,” said Hitoshi Hongo, manager, automotive company advanced technology center, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. “In addition to higher integration, we also gain significant time-to-market advantages by using Altera’s Quartus II software, which allows us to implement this complex design rapidly. Taken together, the benefits of Altera’s solution played a key role in our delivery of the industry’s first off-the-shelf automotive camera with features previously available only in luxury model vehicles.”

Altera’s Cyclone II FPGAs combined with its Nios II embedded processor provide high-performance image-processing features, such as scaling and encoding, and control functions that out-perform the DSP processors and microcontroller combinations used in many consumer automotive applications. SANYO applies the Altera solution to implement advanced algorithms for image transforming, filtering, smoothing, and blending that provide the CCA-BC200 with real-time “fish eye” correction and “keystoning” prevention. These capabilities deliver a clear, accurate image, allowing drivers to safely navigate backup maneuvers and see what is in their path.

“Sanyo’s CCA-BC200 features several Altera-enabled technologies that help protect drivers from potential hazards when backing up,” said Dave Elliott, senior marketing manager, automotive business unit at Altera. “From enhanced image technology to off-center image adjustments, the combination of Altera’s Cyclone II FPGA and Nios II embedded processor provides innovative, leading-edge applications like the CCA-BC200 with a high-performance, flexible solution at a significant value.”

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