AMD Simulates with Magma's FineSim SPICE Circuit Simulator

Magma® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, announced that Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD), a leading global provider of innovative processing solutions, selected Magma’s FineSim(TM) SPICE as AMD’s circuit simulator of choice for critical analog IP. AMD made the decision after a detailed evaluation in which FineSim SPICE delivered better accuracy and faster runtime than AMD’s existing circuit simulation product – with simulation time up to 15 times faster.

“In the computing, graphics and consumer electronics markets, being first to market is everything,” said Ward Vercruysse, CAD director, Computing Solutions Group at AMD. “The circuit simulator we were using no longer met our performance requirements so we tried FineSim SPICE. It accurately simulated a critical design in just 30 hours, much faster than the 11 days our existing tool required. With FineSim SPICE we have much more confidence in our ability to successfully tape out designs and can improve our time to market, which translates directly into project cost savings.”

“FineSim SPICE leverages Magma’s unique Native Parallel Technology(TM) to provide the accuracy, speed and capacity needed to simulate the most challenging analog designs using single and multi-CPU systems,” said Suk Lee, general manager of Magma’s Custom Design Business Unit. “We’re pleased that AMD was able to achieve such impressive improvements. Their results demonstrate the ability of FineSim SPICE to reduce turnaround time and development costs of advanced analog and mixed-signal designs.”

About FineSim SPICE
FineSim SPICE is a SPICE-level simulation analysis tool that incorporates transistor-level simulation analysis capabilities for analog, digital and mixed-signal designs. FineSim SPICE contains a full SPICE simulation engine with distributed processing that enables customers to simulate large-scale mixed-signal system chips at the transistor level. By providing increased speed and capacity while maintaining full SPICE accuracy, FineSim SPICE enables designers to simulate advanced circuits – such as PLLs, ADCs (analog-to-digital converters), DACs (digital-to-analog converters) and gigahertz SERDES (SERializer/DESerializer) – that they previously would not even attempt using slower traditional SPICE simulators.

About Magma
Magma’s software for designing integrated circuits (ICs) is used to create complex, high-performance chips required in cellular telephones, electronic games, WiFi, MP3 players, DVD/digital video, networking, automotive electronics and other electronic applications. Magma’s EDA software for IC implementation, analysis, physical verification, circuit simulation and characterization is recognized as embodying the best in semiconductor technology, enabling the world’s top chip companies to “Design Ahead of the Curve”(TM) while reducing design time and costs. Magma is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices around the world. Magma’s stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA.

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