Parco Announces Pennies Per Tag Day System Bundles

Parco Merged Media Corp. announced the official launch of its “Pennies Per Tag Day System Bundles.” Parco, a leader in the commercialization of location systems for six years, is revolutionizing the industry with new tag rental prices. The new bundles focus on renting the system, including installation and training, on a per tag day basis. While the system begins as a tag rental program the financing feature of the program includes the possibility for the customer to purchase the system after the first year.

Throughout Parco’s six plus year history it has been recognized with awards from both research firms and its peers. Peer recognition from TechMaine (formerly MESDA) includes the ‘Technology of the Year’ award. In addition to its award winning software, the company has a vibrant product line including: high efficiency antennas, safety rated reader enclosures and a variety of RFID/RTLS/Barcode technologies.

Parco has incorporated Time Domain’s Precision Location Ultra Wideband System (PLUS(TM)) into the Précis system. “PLUS is the only scalable RTLS product line which can provide consistent and highly accurate room level location monitoring without requiring a reader in every room. The capability of reading thousands of tags with 12-36″ accuracy is significant in many business processes. Parco truly understands UWB and what it takes to build a system around the technology to provide location-based services. As our first PLUS solution provider, Parco was an important contributor to PLUS’ requirements and they are a leader in integrating our products’ precision location capabilities into a solution-based platform.” said Greg Clawson, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Time Domain.

Initially there will be two system bundles offered which focus in serving the proximity location needs of both business and healthcare. The daily rental rates vary from eight to fourteen cents per tag day. The low costs enable a facility to recognize returns on investment very rapidly when used with the Parco certified tracking software product included in the bundle. In addition to the pricing departure from the norm, the systems are proximity based which means that the data granularity is now wing based instead of the precision sub-room. The system can be upgraded to precision location by purchasing SDP ports and shielded cable where needed.

“Of course, we’re banking on the facilities over time consuming more than the base number of tags per year,” says Scott Cohen the president and CEO of Parco. “These systems are focused on helping the facility leverage its existing investment in structured cabling and local area network products using our new Précis hardware which is plugged into local area network jacks.” The new system hardware uses existing network cabling thus dramatically reducing the infrastructure costs to install proximity tracking. “In a minimum install configuration, the facility would expect to pay less for a system rental over a five year commitment than it would on a zero interest lease over the same period.”

Initial customers include Trax Technologies, a Parco authorized reseller and a supplier of products to the supply chain and logistics vertical markets, which is in the first stage of deployment of the Per Tag Day Bundle. “This exceptionally low tag rental rate has enabled us to widely distribute RFID tracking solutions to our customers,” say Donna Uettwiller of Trax. “Currently we’re in stealth mode with a specific customer who wishes to remain confidential. However, I can report that they are enthusiastic with the initial results. If we stay on track with deployments, we could surpass one hundred thousand deployed tags by early 2009.’ Features of the Précis product including the high tag capacity and frequent reads available using the UWB components are very attractive in the supply chain and logistics businesses. Parco’s antenna systems, enclosures and other product integration features such as built-in wireless networking in the enclosures add value to these types of customers.

The ’8 Cents Per Tag Day’ package includes 750 Précis asset tags and the ’14 Cents Per Tag Day’ package includes 1,000 Précis asset tags plus 24 SDP Ports. Both systems include up to 45 Précis Readers, POE injectors, Parco Software Site License, product warranty, patch cables, installation, support, training and asset tracking software. The SDP ports are used to provide precision location in certain parts of the facility. The systems include all but the network cabling, network switches/hubs, Microsoft SQL Database and servers (a Microsoft server OS is required.) Customers can customize the system by buying additional components and software.

Purchasers of the packages will have a choice of several asset tracking software packages. The following software and vendors represent the initial list of included product choices:

  • a lite version of AIMS from Phoenix Data Systems
  • a lite version of Central Suites from American Biomedical Group
  • a lite version of TracPoint from Sysgen
  • a lite version of Critical Resource Management System from BeanCounter Europe
  • a lite version of RealTime from Skyline Connections
  • a lite version of ATLAS from SYMX

“We’ve had initial success using the Parco solutions at nursing home facilities,” says Raphael Feldman, CEO of Sysgen. “For us it was an easy decision to help Parco with a low cost asset tracking feature for these new bundles. It is a win scenario for our customers because the low annual costs provide a rapid return.”

“The real question for those contemplating a purchase of a RFID system today is — what have you got to lose with a Précis rental? We’re talking about an annual rental commitment from $21,900 to $51,100. That’s less for a commercial deployment than any pilot system on the market. Overall it is not a lot of risk for a manager to take” concludes Cohen.

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