Mining Coal with Korenix Industrial Ethernet Switches

Coal mine is a valuable resource and is used as a low cost, quality fuel for many power plants. Mining operations are being equipped with sophisticated industrial controls and sensors for safety and operations efficiency. In mining applications, reliable communication between many wide spread localizations and fast bandwidth equipments are required.

There is a company in Poland that operates a coal mine located in Silesia which chose Korenix’s switches and the Korenix Rapid Super Ring Redundancy Management Software to meet their application requirements. They chose Korenix because of its flexible configuration of 5010G switches (it equips 3xSFP), Rapid Super Ring – fastest (5ms) recovery time for redundancy, and Gigabit Ethernet – to ensure future net efficiency. Besides, they also have taken Korenix’s serial device JetPort 5604i because of its easy way to connect serial devices (i.e. tape loaders).

The use of Korenix’s Ethernet products in the mine has provided the customer with safe mining operations. The Rapid Super Ring Redundancy Manager Software with Korenix Switches allows the customer to eliminate network downtime inside of the mine, keeping information flowing at all times and informing them when the mine conditions are safe for workers to enter the mine. The aluminum case of the Korenix JetNet 5010G Switches is ideal for the mining environment, providing protection for the switch’s internal electronics from dust and dirt. The SFP configurability of the JetNet 5010G provides the customer with flexibility and should future expansion be required.

The JetNet 5010G features are following:

100 / 1000Mbps SFP Supported
The JetNet 5010G SFP socket supports 100Base-FX Single/Multi mode and 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX/XD Multi/Single mode transceiver. The available distance of the 100Base-FX is up to 30KM. 1000Base-SX multi-mode supports 550M, 1000Base-LX Single-mode supports 10KM, 1000Base-LHX single-mode supports 30KM, 1000Base-XD single-mode supports up to 50KM. 1000Base-ZX single-mode supports up to 70KM.

3rd Gigabit Uplink for Flexible Network Planning
JetNet 5010G offers astonishing three Gigabit RJ-45/SFP combos which improves the performance dramatically compares to typical two Gigabit RJ-45/SFP combos. Each combo comes with a flexible connection, 100Mbps Single Mode/Multiple mode or 1000Mbps Single mode/Multiple mode, as well as fiber connection or copper connection. All together, end-users can achieve as many as 10 different combinations of ports connection. Also, by selecting a suitable range of fiber transceivers, JetNet5010G can fulfill your industrial applications with any transmit distance.

Multi-form Rapid Super Ring
It is critical for industrial applications that network remains non-stop and co-exist with other network. The JetNet 5010G supports Ethernet redundant ring technology- Rapid Super Ring, Korenix 2nd generation Ring redundancy technology. The Ring Master can be auto-selected by the RSR engine. The recovery time of the gigabit fiber ring is enhanced as high as 5ms. The advanced Dual Homing II technology also facilitates the JetNet 5010G to connect with the core managed switch or copper 2 or multiple Rapid Super Ring. Rapid Super Ring can backward compatible with Super Ring of JetNet 4000/4500 series. Moreover, to make the running with the existing ring, Korenix propose Any Ring to inter-operate with other vendors.

About Korenix Technology
Korenix Technology is committed in design and manufacturing industrial communications products, which can be used in various markets that requires high stability or for industrial field environments, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military, and medical fields. Korenix has 7 major product lines: JetNet Series Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch, JetPoE Switch Series include PoE managed and unmanaged switch, JetBox series communication computer, JetPort Series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 Device Server, JetI/O Ethernet-based block I/O modules, JetCon Series Industrial Serial/Ethernet/Fiber Media Converter and JetCard Series Multiport Serial Card. Korenix is committed to provide quality products to our customers. Various safety approvals, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cUL, are applied to all Korenix products. All Korenix products have 5 years global warranty through worldwide service centers. For customers’ specific application requirements, Korenix also provide tailor-made services. Korenix listens to customers’ voices, designs professional products, and provides comprehensive services to make Korenix a reliable partner for global users.