Mercury Computer Systems Unveils BSW-201 ATCA RapidIO/GigE Switch Blade

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), the leading supplier of RapidIO(R)-based AdvancedTCA(R) (ATCA) solutions, announced availability of its newest high-performance ATCA blades for a broad range of high-bandwidth, low latency communications, industrial control, and defense applications.

The BSW-201 AdvancedTCA RapidIO/GigE Switch Blade serves as a switch for both the RapidIO fabric and for Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), which is the base communications infrastructure for ATCA systems. The enhancements to the BSW-201 Switch Blade design were implemented to support specific customer requirements for next-generation base station, radio network controller, and media gateway development, supporting two AMC (advanced mezzanine card) modules and flexible, high-bandwidth RapidIO connectivity.

As the foundation of the Ensemble application platform, the enhanced BCC-201 Quad AMC AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade supports four RapidIO-enabled AMC modules that extend and diversify the functionality of the carrier blade. In addition, the BCC-201 provides multicast support necessary for network, telecom, medical, industrial control, test and measurement, and defense applications.

“The Ensemble Carrier and Switch Blades have been cornerstone products in Mercury’s Ensemble ATCA systems. The enhancements incorporated into our second-generation products were driven by specific customer requirements to extend the capabilities of the RapidIO and Ethernet subsystems,” said Greg Tiedemann, Director of ATCA Business Development at Mercury Computer Systems. “The robust RapidIO multicast and managed Ethernet switch functionality enables Mercury to address the toughest application requirements for our customers deploying next-generation base station and industrial control-loop applications, and various signal processing applications in defense.”

Mercury’s Ensemble AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA offerings are specifically designed around the performance and reliability of the Serial RapidIO embedded system interconnect, leveraging Mercury’s renowned expertise in architecting and building efficient, scalable platforms for highly demanding applications in embedded computing. The Ensemble portfolio delivers unprecedented levels of integration and flexibility across a broad class of heterogeneous processing architectures that includes digital signal processors, communications processors, FPGAs, and network processors. The addition of the BCC-201 and BSW-201 increases the processing capability of Ensemble platforms and supports the development of high-end ATCA systems.

The BSW-201 AdvancedTCA RapidIO/GigE Switch Blade and BCC-201 Quad AMC AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade are now available for ordering.

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