IEI Launches AFOLUX All-in-One Panel PC for Compact Use

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI) launched three 10.4″ AFOLUX all-in-one panel PCs for space limited applications. Integrated 500MHz AMD LX800 maximizes power saving of AFL-10A-LX. Low power utilization increases the clock frequency, improves reliability, decreases the noise margins and reduces both the capital and operational costs. Makes AFL-10A-LX an ideal platform for industrial automation platforms.

IEI AFOLUX All-in-One Panel PCThe AFL-10A-CX-15GZ has rich multimedia features. The AFL-10A-CX-15GZ model with an integrated VIA C7 1.5GHz CPU can run high-end multimedia files and still have sufficient CPU resources available to run an array of external peripheral devices such as barcode readers in sophisticated retail applications.

The AFL-10A-CX-05GZ enjoys both benefits of low power utilization and quality multimedia performance. The fanless, multimedia enabled AFL-10A-CX-05GZ with one VIA Eden 500MHz CPU inside is easily integrated into high-end feature rich platforms and is perfect for vehicle PC applications.

Fanless and multimedia functionality fulfillment makes 10.4″ AFOLUX all-in-one panel PCs ideal for a wide range of compact devices for the home, office, shops, clinics, hospitals, casinos, amusement places, public institutions and industrial plants. Excellent connection capability facilitated by a preinstalled Bluetooth module, optional IEI GPRS module and integrated PIFA antenna, makes 10.4″ AFOLUX all-in-one panel PC an ideal platform for mobile solutions like cellular phone control and monitoring of logistics service vehicles, credit card service on taxi or railway information system.

The value-added interactive touch panel function saves space of keyboard and mouse and therefore makes various types of installation possible, including wall mount, panel mount, rack mount and stand kit.

About IEI
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