IEI Introduces LGA775 Quad-Core Platform

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI) announced the launch of their high-performance quad-core processor platforms, which are available in the ATX, PICMG 1.3 and Mini-ITX form factors. The IEI quad-core LGA775 platforms are ideal for integration into demanding multitasking applications that require high data throughputs, extreme reliability and precision.

The Intel® Q965 Express chipset integrated on all IEI quad-core platforms is interfaced to an total 8MB L2 cache Intel® Core(TM) 2 Quad processor through a 1066 MHz front side bus (FSB). All quad-core platforms have multiple PCI Express (PCIe) Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controllers onboard. The PICMG 1.3 model (PCIE-9650) has two Intel® PC82573L PCIe Gbe controllers, and the ATX model (IMBA-9654) and the Mini-ITX model (KINO-9654G4) respectively have two and four Broadcom BCM5787M PCIe GbE controllers to ensure smooth network connectivity. Two SATA II connectors on the KINO-9654G4 and six SATA II connectors on the IMBA-X9654 and PCIE-9650 ensures 3.0 Gbps storage data transfers. Support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 through the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager support on the IMBA-X9654 and the PCIE-9650 enables secure data storage.

The ATX form-factor quad-core platform, the IMBA-X9654, is ideal for integration into machine vision systems and other real-time data flow applications. An integrated PCIe x16 slot supports high-end graphics cards and support for Intel® GMA 3000 graphics also ensures high-quality VGA graphics. Three open-ended PCIe x4 slots are compatible with a wide variety of expansion cards including RAID cards and frame grabbers, which can then in turn be connected to a series of CCD cameras. Three PCIe x4 slots ensures that up to six CCD cameras can be interfaced to the IMBA-X9654 reducing the cost-of-ownership of a flexible and diverse machine vision system.

The easily expandable PCIE-9650 quad-core PICMG 1.3 CPU card is ideal for integration into systems that require high-speed processing capabilities, large data transfer bandwidths and non-limiting system expansion options. The PCIE-9650 is especially applicable for high-end military applications and has already garnered interest from both European and Far East military application developers. The PCIE-9650 is also an excellent platform for scientific systems that measure data intensive phenomena. PCIe x1 data capture cards typically used by astronomers, meteorologists, physicists and other scientists are easily interfaced to the PCIE-9650 through a passive, compatible backplane. IEI has already developed 19 PICMG 1.3 backplanes with a wide range of expansion options.

Secure network connectivity on the KINO-9654G4 is a Mini-ITX quad-core platform makes it ideal for integration into audio streaming, video streaming, gaming, video conferencing and digital surveillance applications. Four dedicated PCIe GbE controllers onboard enable multiple redundant network connections ensuring a reliable 24/7 high-speed Ethernet connection to the system.

The IEI quad-core systems are sure to reduce overall operational costs for end user products and are further evidence of IEI’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the industrial PC market sector.

More info: IEI Technology