Opera 9 for Devices Powers ARCHOS 605 WiFi, 705 WiFi, Archos TV+

ARCHOS, the global consumer electronics manufacturer and leader in portable digital entertainment solutions, has selected the Opera 9 SDK for Devices for its Generation 5 portable media players – the ARCHOS 605 WiFi, 705 WiFi and new ARCHOS TV+. With Opera’s full-featured Web browser, users can enjoy access to all Web pages and advanced Web 2.0 applications on the device’s high-resolution, touch-screen. The Generation 5 players also come Widget-ready with Opera 9, giving users easy access to the content they want from the convenience of the home screen.

Optimized for performance, Opera 9 is fast, reliable and also supports advanced applications including Flash technology, enabling users to stream videos or music directly to their ARCHOS device from popular sites including YouTube, Dailymotion and others – wherever they go. While navigating their favorite Web sites, users can seamlessly alternate between viewing modes to see a site in full width or zoom into the content for an ultimate surfing experience.

Opera 9 SDK also provides the ability to integrate Opera Widgets – extending the device capabilities through standalone Web applications and enabling a more personalized browsing experience. Widgets for ARCHOS include instant access to services such as weather forecast, news, currency and unit converters and calculator. The popularity of Widgets has grown significantly over the past months. According to Jupiter Research, awareness and use of Widgets among online users, which was less than 5% in early 2007, has now zoomed to more than 39% and 26%, respectively.

This growth has led software developers to create more fun and useful Widgets that can run on any handheld device. Instead of coding for a specific platform, developers now code for the Web. Opera will also open its Widgets community to ARCHOS users, allowing them to download and easily create new Widgets.

“Our partnership with Opera helps turn ARCHOS portable media players into the most advanced and compelling wireless devices available today,” says Henri Crohas, CEO, ARCHOS. “From the Web browser for accessing the full Internet in the palm of your hand, to the new Opera Widgets with instant access to popular Web content, we are continually enhancing our devices with the features that keep consumers engaged and entertained wherever they go.”

“ARCHOS develops some of the most innovative products available to consumers today. The ARCHOS 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi are incredibly Web-friendly with their touch screen and easy download of video content,” says Scott Hedrick, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, Opera Software. “Opera and ARCHOS’ focus is the same – to provide people with the highest quality entertainment experience on any device. Opera achieves this not only with its intuitive usability and Widgets functionality, but also due to the optimized Web browsing experience that easily adapts to ARCHOS’ one-touch display.”

The Opera Web browser plug-in forARCHOS Generation 5 WiFi-enabled products is available for $29.99.

More info: Opera’s Widget Community