Jasper Design Automation Joins SPIRIT Consortium

Jasper Design Automation, the leader in successful deployment of production proven formal verification solutions, announced it has become a Reviewing member of The SPIRIT Consortium, a standards organization focused on IP/tool integration and laying the foundation for design flow integration. The Consortium has made great strides with its IP-XACT(TM) format, an Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema for meta-data documenting Intellectual Property (IP) used in the development, implementation and verification of electronic systems. Jasper Design Automation has also used XML in the development of its GamePlan(TM) Verification Planner, a widely-adopted free tool for enabling structured verification planning. As a member of The SPIRIT Consortium, Jasper intends to champion development of a standard data set, using a format based on XML, for support of structured verification planning industry-wide, regardless of the chosen tool flow.

Jasper responded to the industry’s burgeoning need for structured verification planning in June of 2006 with its introduction of GamePlan Verification Planner. GamePlan is a powerful free tool used for generating and tracking verification plans that support multiple verification technologies. Available for download on the Jasper website, GamePlan stores the verification plan data and tracked results in an open XML format to allow users to easily extract custom data sets for analysis.

“Since Jasper’s GamePlan also uses an XML format to enable users to exchange design verification planning data, we saw the potential for great synergy with The SPIRIT Consortium,” stated Rajeev Ranjan, chief technology office at Jasper Design Automation. “GamePlan has seen an increasing volume of downloads and very positive responses from users since its launch. As we participate in The SPIRIT Consortium, we will be able to share our understanding of the data set supporting verification planning, regardless of the verification methodologies employed.”

“Verification is a major source of pain and effort both for IP components and SoC development,” said Ralph von Vignau, president of The SPIRIT Consortium. “The industry needs improvements, and it is through companies like Jasper, that are willing to partake in The SPIRIT Consortium by reviewing and feeding back ideas and improvements, that will we be able to ensure the supporting standards are adopted by the industry.”

About The SPIRIT Consortium
The SPIRIT Consortium is a global organization focused on establishing multi-faceted IP/tool integration standards that drive sustainable growth in electronic design. It is comprised of leading EDA, IP, system integration, and semiconductor companies dedicated to the adoption of a unified set of specifications for configuring, integrating, and verifying IP in advanced SoC design tool sets.

About GamePlan(TM) Verification Planner
GamePlan Verification Planner promotes collaboration within multiple verification teams by providing a single, comprehensive structured framework for identifying what design features need to be tested, what verification technologies are required for testing, and for prioritizing and tracking the progress of each feature tested. GamePlan Verification Planner fills the gaps in today’s verification flow by adding a process for systematic verification that can fit into any environment, and that respects all verification methods, including formal verification, simulation and others. By providing GamePlan as a free tool, Jasper Design Automation is enabling systematic use of formal verification alongside other technologies, and is taking a leading industry role in promoting a structured approach to verification.

About Jasper Design Automation
Jasper Design Automation, a privately-held Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company with a mission of making full formal IC verification a competitive advantage for its customers, is the leader in successful deployment of formal solutions in production verification environments. The company’s flagship product, JasperGold Verification System, is the first verification product to deliver complete “deep formal” systematic verification, ensuring correctness where it matters most. JasperGold formally verifies that complex IC design blocks meet high-level requirements defined in their specifications, and also pre-verifies IP blocks for use under all use modes, without any testbench development. JasperGold Express, Jasper’s formal ABV solution, provides the industry’s leading “light formal” solution, complementing simulation-based approaches by accelerating bug hunting as well as coverage attainment. The JasperGold family quickly isolates bugs with a fast, static debugging capability, and then proves the absence of bugs, trimming design schedules.

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