INtime RTOS Supports Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Library

TenAsys Corp., a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software, announced the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library is now supported by the INtime RTOS, TenAsys’ real-time operating system for Intel® Architecture processors. The Intel® IPP library provides software developers with a comprehensive set of SSE optimized functions to exploit the Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE), delivering performance far beyond that of an optimized compiler. The library contains vector/matrix arithmetic, imaging and signal processing, cryptography, and speech recognition functions, as well as audio and video codec components for use in a variety of data and signal-processing applications.

“The real advantage for developers is being able to take off-the-shelf software tools, like Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the Intel IPP library, and apply them to a real-time environment to create the highest performing systems,” said Kim Hartman, TenAsys VP of Marketing and Sales. “And INtime has the added advantage of working alongside Windows in an integrated system on Intel multi-core processors.”

“The Intel® IPP library contains highly optimized code that will help save embedded developers time while improving the performance of their real-time applications,” said Paul Wiley, Director of Codecs and Infrastructure Products, Software and Solutions Group, Intel. “INtime is the first embedded RTOS to support the full suite of Intel IPP library functions.”

Intel SSE instructions are designed to speed up the execution of applications that require the intense mathematical computations normally associated with a dedicated DSP (digital signal processor), such as image processing, matrix arithmetic, data compression, signal processing, video, audio and telecommunications applications. IPP includes feature set dispatching based on the instruction set of the processor. Whether the processor supports x87, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, instruction sets, the best code runs. Applications that include the library typically execute 2-3 times faster than an optimized C language.

The standard Intel IPP library is all that is needed to get started. Customers can purchase the IPP library directly from the Intel website.

About TenAsys
TenAsys delivers real-time technology based on the embedded Intel Architecture (x86 processors), Microsoft Windows operating system, and Visual Studio development environment. Since 1980, customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control of their x86 embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecom, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military applications. The TenAsys INtime RTOS for Windows, first announced in 1997, has since become a leading RTOS for the application of real-time on Microsoft Windows platforms. Intel Corporation recognized TenAsys as Intel Communications Alliance (ICA) Member of the Year for 2006 at the Affiliate level, and also in 2006, Microsoft recognized TenAsys as its Windows Embedded Partner of the Year, ISV category, for the third year in a row.