Texas Instruments Makes Equity Investment in VirtualLogix

VirtualLogix(TM), Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization(TM) company, announced that Texas Instruments (TI) has made an equity investment in the firm as part of a collaboration agreement aligning VirtualLogix’s virtualization software roadmap with TI’s leading embedded application-specific multicore semiconductor direction. The new agreement underscores the emerging next wave of virtualization as the technology moves from the datacenter and into everyday front-end connected devices such as wireless infrastructure communications products, media gateways, digital video and mobile devices.

Virtualization makes software run more efficiently on hardware, reducing product and operational costs (development, bill of materials, software, power), improving security and manageability. These same benefits routinely obtained in the datacenter with server virtualization are now available to connected devices – yet require a very different technology.

“Advances in next-generation wireless technologies, such as WiMAX and 3G Long Term Evolution, along with mobile TV, are driving growth in the wireless market and VirtualLogix is pioneering the application of virtualization for this new network,” said Brian Glinsman, general manager, Communications Infrastructure and Voice business, Texas Instruments. “TI is dedicated to delivering the most advanced single and multicore solutions for our customers, and with virtualization we are able to expand our DSP technologies beyond traditional applications. Through our investment, we look forward to working even more closely with VirtualLogix, helping to produce multicore solutions which enable our customers to reach new levels of performance in the new world network.”

TI joins VirtualLogix’s current investors Atlas Venture, Cisco Systems, DFJ Esprit, Index Ventures and Intel Capital. This announcement follows VirtualLogix’s latest product introduction, VLX for Network Infrastructure Supporting TI DSP, which brings the benefits of virtualization to high-performance, advanced multicore DSP-based communications infrastructure equipment. Additionally, earlier this year, TI signed an agreement to ship VirtualLogix’s software in its Digital Video Development kit.

“VDC continues to observe an increasing trend toward the adoption of multi-core architectures and open source operating systems in embedded systems,” says Matt Volckmann, Senior Analyst/Program Manager with VDC. “An expanded working relationship between VirtualLogix and Texas Instruments around embedded virtualization should allow both companies to enable faster deployment of embedded designs using more sophisticated technology platforms.”

“Virtualization enables software to run more efficiently and take full advantage of advances in semiconductor technology. This capability becomes increasingly essential as companies seek to leverage the new multi-core processors, which are the future in wireless communications and client devices,” said Peter Richards, CEO of VirtualLogix. “VirtualLogix is the leader in enabling this next frontier for virtualization and we are pleased to have TI’s continued support of our vision.”

About VirtualLogix, Inc.
VirtualLogix(TM), Inc. is the global leader in Real-Time Virtualization(TM) technology for connected devices. VirtualLogix VLX enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and provides a range of performance, fault tolerance and security options to address specific market requirements. As a result, the world’s largest semiconductor companies, manufacturers, OEMs and carriers are able to reduce development and bill of material costs, improve time to market by leveraging existing software investments, and create conditions that meet their business goals. With more than 20 years of experience developing system software for network infrastructure, digital multimedia and mobile handsets, VirtualLogix is paving the way for the development of next generation connected devices. VirtualLogix, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with operations worldwide. For more information, call 408.954.7350, or +33 1 39 44 74 00.

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