ASSET InterTech Acquires International Test Technologies

ASSET InterTech, Inc., has acquired International Test Technologies (ITT) of County Donegal, Ireland, a supplier of processor emulation technology used by electronics manufacturers. ASSET provides boundary-scan (aka IEEE 1149.1 or JTAG) systems for test, in-system programming (ISP) and design-for-test (DFT), as well as for advanced embedded instrumentation applications involving signal integrity analysis, bit error ratio testing (BERT), pattern generation testing and others.

Bringing together in one company the complementary technologies of ASSET and ITT furthers the convergence of ASSET’s JTAG-based structural test technology and ITT’s functional testing capabilities which are based on processor emulation technology. ASSET and ITT have had a strategic arrangement for the last three years, during which time the two companies have worked together on product development and marketing activities. Within the context of this strategic relationship, ASSET’s and ITT’s technologies have been integrated in an innovative test system, ScanWorks® Extended JTAG Coverage, which combines the strengths of ASSET’s ScanWorks JTAG structural test system with ITT’s functional test platform, microMaster.

“The synergy that we have developed over the last three years has genuinely benefited our users and each of our two companies,” said Glenn Woppman, president and CEO of ASSET. “With our integrated product platform, we’ve been able to offer users more test coverage than they could achieve with either ScanWorks or ITT’s microMaster on its own. Now, as we move forward as one company, we will take the expertise we’ve acquired together and apply it in emerging areas like embedded test functionality and instrumentation, as well as design validation of high-speed serial buses. In a certain sense, ITT’s processor-based emulation functionality is another type of embedded instrumentation technology.”

“Over the last several years of working closely with ASSET we’ve had the opportunity to observe the quality of the organization and its people. We at ITT feel very excited that we are joining forces with a company like ASSET because we know that this will benefit our customers tremendously,” said Billy Fenton, CEO of ITT. “Working together has given us the opportunity to realize how much more effective our two companies can be as one. When it comes to the future of test and the increasing importance of embedded test, we share a common vision and we look forward to making that vision a reality in the very near future.”

The terms of the acquisition agreement between ASSET and ITT were not disclosed.

“As a user of the combined ASSET/ITT system, ScanWorks Extended JTAG Coverage, we have seen firsthand how effective a convergence of structural boundary scan test and functional processor emulation test can be,” said Andrew Corbett, Managing Director, Ashgill Electronics. “I believe this acquisition by ASSET bodes well for continuing this convergence. I suspect we’ll see some exciting products from ASSET as the expertise of these two companies comes under the same roof.”

ASSET’s ScanWorks’ advanced usability and automation features have made it the JTAG/boundary-scan structural test system of choice by practically all major communication and defense/avionics suppliers, including Cisco, Ericsson, Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Tellabs, Huawei, Raytheon, Rockwell, Lockheed Martin, BAE, ITT, Northrop Grumman, Smiths and others. In addition, ScanWorks’ adoption by companies like Microsoft for its Xbox 360 video game console and Delphi for its automotive electronics demonstrates that ScanWorks will continue its leadership as boundary scan proliferates in computers, set-top boxes, consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive and other industries.

About ASSET InterTech
ASSET InterTech, Inc. develops, markets, sells, and supports electronic test systems and services which utilize the embedded capabilities of the boundary-scan standard (JTAG or IEEE 1149.1). In addition to quickly and easily testing semiconductors, circuit boards and entire systems, ASSET’s ScanWorks system can access embedded instrumentation to control advanced high-speed tests like signal integrity analysis, bit error ratio testing (BERT), pattern generation testing and others. Moreover, ASSET’s DFT AnalyzerTM is the industry’s first tool to validate the JTAG testability features of a design. ASSET InterTech is located outside of Dallas, TX, at 2201 North Central Expressway, Suite 105, Richardson, TX 75080. For product information, call toll free 888-694-6250, send faxes to 972-437-2826, direct e-mail to

About International Test Technologies
International Test Technologies provides functional test and hardware diagnostic solutions for electronics manufacturers. The microMaster system identifies faults on electronic circuit boards and is typically used during their development and manufacture. microMaster, which is based on processor emulation technology, supports a very wide range of processors. Typical market segments where microMaster is deployed include telecommunications, networking and internet appliances, game consoles, PC manufacture and repair, office automation, avionics and automotive.