Technosoft Announces IBL2401 Intelligent Minidrive with CANopen

Technosoft presents the new IBL2401, a remarkably compact intelligent minidrive based on the MotionChip(TM) DSP Control Technology. IBL2401 is only 58 x 44 x 16 mm and weighs just 60 grams. Despite these minimal dimensions it embeds motion controller, drive and PLC functionalities in the same compact unit and controls brushless, step, DC or linear motors up to 25 W (24 V, 1 A). The drive can be mounted right beside the motor, all cables and maintenance thus being significantly reduced.

Technosoft  IBL2401 Compact Intelligent Minidrive with CANopenWith IBL2401, motion programming can be done from a CANopen master via a PC / PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotion Studio platform. Its embedded motion controller uses the same high-level motion language for all motor versions, making their technology differences transparent to the user.

Using the powerful TML programming, you can really simplify complex applications by distributing the intelligence between master and drives. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis movement from the master, you can program the drive in TML to execute complex tasks, and to inform the master when these tasks have been completed.

Motion modes as contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming, PVT are easily executed in stand-alone or multi-axis operations. IBL2401 is equipped with several sensors: incremental encoders, digital and linear Halls. Communication can be done over CANopen, CAN, RS-232 networks, or Ethernet through an external adapter.

All these features – intelligence, miniature size, easy implementation, compact and cost-effective design – make the Technosoft IBL2401 the perfect motion control solution for all high-precision applications, ranging from medical to factory automation.

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