IPextreme Offers Multiple Reference Clock Generator IP

IPextreme, Inc. announced that the company is bringing advanced Motorola clock generation technology to market in the form of licensable semiconductor intellectual property (IP). The Multiple Reference Clock Generator (MRCG) is a patented digital clock synthesis technology developed by Motorola and is now offered to the global semiconductor market through IPextreme.

The patented technology underlying MRCG offers an attractive alternative to traditional analog Phase Locked Loops (PLL) for generation of on-chip clocks with a frequency range from 2Mhz to 1Ghz by providing a pure digital clock generator. It also allows for the following features not available in PLLs:

  • purely digital design portable to any semiconductor technology
  • ability to control frequency and edges of clock outputs “on-the-fly” via a serial programmable interface (SPI)
  • ability to deskew on-chip and off-chip clocks for system level calibration
  • deterministic, instant start/stop of clock outputs, as no “lock” period is required for clocks to stabilize
  • smaller area and lower power as compared to multiple PLLs
  • reduced cycle time reaction to market changes

Motorola chose IPextreme as its licensing partner to enable the broad market because of the company’s IP licensing commitment to the semiconductor market and its relationships with large semiconductor companies all over the world.

“Motorola’s rich portfolio of patent technology has been developed over time in our labs,” commented Jim O’Connor, Motorola’s corporate vice president of Motorola Technology Acceleration. “Bringing MRCG to market for licensing is an example of how Motorola’s investment in creating valuable technology can be monetized and leveraged by companies all over the world.”

Warren Savage, president and CEO, IPextreme added, “MCRG is a unique and differentiated IP that will provide our customers doing advanced semiconductor design a technology that will differentiate their chips from competitors using older clock generation technology.”

MRCG Licensing Availability
MRCG is available today.

About IPextreme Inc.
IPextreme packages, delivers and supports famous IP (intellectual property) designed by large semiconductor companies and used by system-on-chip (SoC) designers worldwide. These production-proven IP products serve both broad horizontal markets and specific verticals such as consumer and automotive and are provided in a process-independent and EDA-neutral format for easy use by the broadest range of customers. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, IPextreme offers a complete business solution that allows semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio and expand overall revenue. The company has offices in Campbell, California, Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan with representatives in India, Israel, Korea and Taiwan.

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