eSilicon Selects Magma IC Implementation Software for 65nm Design Flow

eSilicon Corporation, a pioneering semiconductor Value Chain Producer (VCP), announced it has adopted IC implementation software from Magma Design Automation (NASDAQ:LAVA) for its production-ready 65-nm design methodology. A key aspect of the eSilicon® 65-nm design flow is built-in support for design for manufacturability (DFM).

The eSilicon flow is based on Magma’s integrated circuit implementation software, which enables a complete DFM solution. Magma’s Blast Yield(TM) TX is a model-based solution with sign-off accuracy that addresses systematic and parametric yield loss. Blast Yield TX integrates with virtual CMP simulation and certified Lithography Process Control (LPC) models to provide better yield.

“As a leading provider of design software, Magma continues to enhance its capabilities with each new process node, enabling users to easily migrate to the next generation of manufacturing technologies,” said Prasad Subramaniam, vice president of Design Technology for eSilicon. “By integrating Magma’s low-power design capabilities and model-based DFM tools into the production-ready eSilicon 65-nm design flow, we are able to optimize a leading foundry’s 65-nm technologies and offer our customers a robust methodology for their designs.”

“The close working relationship with a leading foundry has resulted in qualified DFM tools that are used by our customers like eSilicon to build better-yielding designs,” said Kam Kittrell, general manager of Magma’s Design Implementation Business Unit. “The integration with the implementation platforms allows DFM to be addressed early in the flow, improving overall productivity and eliminating surprises at hand-off to manufacturing.”

About eSilicon
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