MATLAB to C Synthesis Software Features Catalytic Function Library

Catalytic Inc., a technology innovator that accelerates signal processing algorithm design, verification and implementation, announced immediate availability of Catalytic Function Library, a significant addition to its MCS (MATLAB® to C Synthesis) software introduced last year.

The Catalytic Function Library enables MATLAB developers to generate functionally equivalent, redistributable C code for more than 300 MATLAB functions, including a wide variety of toolbox functions. Algorithm developers now can generate equivalent C models from MATLAB code that take advantage of higher-level MATLAB functions, a formerly manual effort.

Notes Dr. Luc Semeria, Catalytic’s product marketing manager: “Algorithm developers use MATLAB because of the power of the vector language and the rich function library. With the release of MCS last year, we addressed getting fast C code from the MATLAB language. Now the introduction of our function library provides a fast path to functionally-equivalent C code for a growing number of MATLAB functions.”

Eliminating a Barrier for Algorithm Hand-off
Using MATLAB functions offers algorithm developers significant productivity improvement, but when it comes to handing off the algorithm for incorporation in products or prototypes, they are faced with a hurdle. Since MATLAB functions are delivered in M code or compiled form, a manual translation step is required to replicate the equivalent functionality in C code. Depending on the complexity of the function used, the translation could add anywhere from one to six staff weeks of effort per function.

“Tapping into the large set of functions supported by the Catalytic Function Library saved us time,” states Emmanuel Drege, senior member of consulting staff for the Cadence DFM group. “Having access to fully tested equivalent functions saved us both development time and testing.”

With both automatic and user-directed function substitution, Catalytic MCS enables easy use of Catalytic functions without source code modifications. With the Catalytic Function Library, developers now have a low-risk path from MATLAB functions to functionally-equivalent, redistributable C code.

Pricing and Availability
The Catalytic Function Library works with MCS to generate redistributable, platform-independent ANSI-C. Pricing for the library is subscription-based. It is priced from $5,000 per year and includes all quarterly updates during the term.

About Catalytic Inc.
Catalytic shortens the development time for signal processing algorithms through a family of software products that accelerate MATLAB execution and automatically synthesize C from MATLAB. These products are built on Catalytic’s world-class compilation and synthesis technology that converts MATLAB code into C-code. Corporate headquarters are located at 1076A East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. Telephone: (650) 846-2555. Facsimile: (650) 846-2557.

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