SystemCrafter Releases Version 3.0 of SC SystemC Synthesis Tool

SystemCrafter announced Version 3.0 of the award-winning SystemCrafter SC SystemC package. This new version of the tool has improved SystemC coverage, and now allows synthesis to Verilog as well as VHDL.

SystemCrafter SC automatically synthesises hardware designs written in SystemC to HDL. The HDL can then be used with commonly available tools to target Xilinx FPGAs. This enables engineers and programmers to design, debug and simulate hardware and systems using their existing C++ development environment. The result is improved productivity and very fast simulations, plus all the benefits of using their existing VHDL or Verilog design flow.

The GUI has the look and feel of standard software compiler GUI’s that will be familiar to both hardware and software engineers. The intuitive design flow enables automatic integration with the user’s C compiler for simulation and handles the management of all project files. The tool automatically selects the correct input files for system simulation, gate-level simulation and HDL generation.

Jonathan Saul, CEO of SystemCrafter, commented “Version 3.0 adds support for a number of SystemC constructs not previously supported. It is now possible to write SystemC as state machines and combinational logic, giving users detailed control over critical parts of their design. These descriptions can be mixed with design modules written at a higher algorithmic level, allowing fast initial prototyping, and then refinement to faster or more compact designs for critical functions.”

“There has been a lot of interest in a Verilog back end for SystemCrafter, and this has now been added in Version 3,” he continued.

The price of the tool is $3000 for a perpetual licence and includes support and maintenance for Version 3. The package can be purchased direct from the web at A free evaluation version of SystemCrafter SC can be downloaded and used for 30 days. Discounts are available for students and universities.

About SystemC
SystemC is a worldwide standard for modelling hardware and software systems using the C/C++ language with a library for hardware constructs. As well as allowing hardware and software to be simulated in the same framework, it is also more compact than VHDL or Verilog. It is faster to write, and more maintainable and readable, and can be compiled into an executable specification for fast simulation.

About SystemCrafter
SystemCrafter brings customers the power of fourth-generation electronic design synthesis, and makes it easier, faster and less risky to create advanced IC designs. To fulfill this mission, they have created SystemCrafter SC. SystemCrafter SC is a software tool that automatically synthesizes designs written in the industry-standard SystemC language to electronic hardware. SystemCrafter have invested heavily in the engineering development of SystemCrafter SC, but keep sales and marketing costs very low. This enables them to sell the tool at a price within range of all chip designers. SystemCrafter was founded in 2002, and is based in Ipswich, England, about 70 miles northeast of London.