Freescale, Quanta Partner for Video, Voice IP Phone Reference Designs

Freescale Semiconductor and Quanta Computer have collaborated to create a range of IP phone platforms powered by Freescale’s award-winning i.MX processor family. The platforms are available now from Quanta, which is one of the world’s top Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs).

Manufacturers seeking a quick entry to market can choose from seven distinct IP phone models ranging from simple voice to sophisticated video and voice over IP (V2IP) models from Quanta. These models are based on Freescale’s proven i.MX21 and i.MX27 multimedia applications processors. Interested manufacturers can see selected phones and talk to Quanta representatives this week at the Freescale Technology Forum in Shenzhen.

Applications such as security surveillance and desktop video conferencing are driving demand for video IP phones worldwide. Next generation V2IP phones offer consumers and businesses excellent video and graphics resolution, along with broadband connectivity options and expanded storage.

“By managing the video processing via the on-chip video codec, the i.MX processors provide excellent performance at very low power,” said Dr. Vincent Hsu, research and development director for Quanta Computer. “The maturity of the i.MX27 development board, including hardware design, the software building environment, the board support package and third party support, were also important factors in ensuring a smooth and fast design cycle. Furthermore, we were impressed with the strong support of Freescale’s experienced and enthusiastic field applications engineering team. For these reasons, we anticipate continued expansion of our IP phones based on i.MX processors in the future.”

Freescale’s i.MX27 processor powers Quanta’s flagship V2IP phone. The sleek design includes a color LCD display with touch panel and stylus, a 300K pixel CMOS camera, two 100/100 Mbps Ethernet ports and one USB 2.0 host. To achieve high quality video, the i.MX27 processor enables full duplex (encode/decode) H.264 video up to 30 frames per second at VGA resolution.

“Our scalable family of i.MX applications processors provides the kind of innovation, integration, performance and connectivity options that world class ODM partners require for success,” said Paul Marino, general manager of Freescale’s Multimedia Applications Division. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Quanta as we work together to evolve the future of voice and video over IP services.

About the i.MX family
Freescale’s i.MX family of applications processors offers exceptional performance and long battery life for mobile devices. Design engineers capitalize on the performance and high degree of integration of i.MX processors to quickly deliver to market innovative mobile, industrial and general purpose embedded devices. With the i.MX family of processors, consumers benefit from lifelike video and 3D graphics reproduction, quick response times and long play capabilities for both work and entertainment applications. Freescale gives design engineers the power of choice with various i.MX processors, from the i.MXS for price sensitive applications, and i.MXL and i.MX21S for mid-range devices, to i.MX21, i.MX27, i.MX31L and i.MX31 for high performance mobile multimedia devices. The i.MX family supports a broad range of platforms such as those based on the Microsoft® Windows® CE, Linux® and a number of leading real time operating systems.

About Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. The privately held company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations in more than 30 countries. Freescale is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with 2006 sales of $6.4 billion (USD).

About Quanta Computer
Quanta Computer is a Fortune Global 500 Company that is an industry leader in providing technology products to many of the world’s most prestigious electronics companies through ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and EMS business models. Quanta also holds the distinction as the world’s largest manufacturer of notebook computers and offers high value-added products ranging from notebook, mobile communications, automobile electronics, digital home, networking systems as well as various consumer electronic devices. By leveraging its professional R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Quanta currently is the best solution provider especially for the Enterprise industry.

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