GE Fanuc Launches AT2-5800 IP Packet Processor Advanced TCA Blade

Raising the price/performance bar yet again in demanding telecommunications applications, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the AT2-5800 IP Packet Processor Advanced TCA Blade. Featuring two high performance Cavium OCTEON(TM) Plus 16-core CN5860 multi-core Secure Communications Processors (SCPs) operating at up to 750MHz, the AT2-5800 enables data and control plane services in the same form factor, providing efficient packet processing as well as significant performance and cost advantages. The AT2-5800 will scale to dual 900MHz OCTEON Plus CN5860 processors when available from Cavium. A Rear Transition Module (RTM) is also available.

GE Fanuc AT2-5800 IP Packet Processor Advanced TCA BladeThe AT2-5800 blade is designed to enable high-availability systems for telco-grade next-generation network applications including IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), IPTV and wireless broadband. In addition, it is designed to enable rapid application development using open, modular, highly available systems based on AdvancedTCA architectures, and can be configured to enable a wide variety of applications where high speed, secure connectivity is a requirement. The processors – each of which supports up to 8 Gigabytes of DDR2 memory, implemented as packet memory – provide hardware acceleration for security, compression, packet scheduling and QoS (Quality of Service) – and deliver up to 10Gbits/second line-speed core processing for network Layers 2-7. With dual 16-core processors, the AT2-5800 has 32 MIPS64 cores for high-speed packet processing.

“GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms offers multiple IP Packet Processors to meet various application requirements” said Rubin Dhillon, Global Product Manager of Communications Product Management at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “Our large portfolio of ATCA blades, AdvancedMCs and PCI-X IP Packet Processors enables custom, scalable systems to be built using readily available COTS building blocks.”

“The AT2-5800′s architecture – in which dual processors in the same form factor enable data processing tasks such as forwarding, packet inspection and security functions to be carried out in parallel with control plane services – provide significant performance benefits,” he continued “Not only is performance optimized, but application integration is greatly simplified – meaning faster time-to-market – and cost is substantially reduced.”

I/O operations are provided through a Rear Transition Module (RTM). For application flexibility, the AT2-5800 supports multiple RTM configuration options including any combination of up to 10 ports of IEEE 1000BaseT, 1000BaseSX, or 1000BaseLX via Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers.

The AT2-5800 is designed for NEBS compliance to ensure compatibility with telecom central offices. Telco-grade reliability is calculated via Telcordia SR 332 Issue 1.

The AT2-5800 software implementation is a comprehensive development package designed to improve time-to-revenue. The software development package is optimized to simplify application integration for multi-core processor development environments.

Designed for high availability applications, the AT2-5800 includes an Intelligent Platform Management Controller and firmware subsystem that provides blade management services compliant with IPMI v1.5 or v2.0. These include blade level parameters, monitoring of voltage and temperature conditions, maintaining system status, and managing hot swap operations. A Linux Support Package (LSP), Application Program Interface (API) and sample application code designed to exercise the AT2-5800 are provided to aid in application development. The Linux Support Package includes Wind River Carrier Grade Linux Operating System (PNE-LE) with a Cavium Software Development Kit and user application diagnostics. Other operating systems are available upon request.

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